Impact of Goals on Price

  • Do you think you can make money on buying just after the goal has gone in and sell just after midnight?

    Any success stories? And what kind of players suit this strategy? What price range, position, club they play for?


  • Not for me so I'm not joining this bandwagon...

  • Yes you can - but it’s gambling and need some luck. I bought Antonino for Real Valladolid a few days ago when he scored. Bought within a minute of the goal at 0.46. Sold 100 shares at 0.57. I saw the price keep going up and down and the same people buying and selling a few times. There would definitely have been winners and losers in that scenario. Obviously not the same as holding long term for expected gains. It’s a totally different mindset now - depends what yours is...

  • I actually think it might not be as risky as first thought... Bet as soon as the goal goes in and you might get a 5p rise... The beauty of the 'bet' is that the player can still rise more and will at worst get you a guaranteed dividend... If you hold you have a player in form.. if they score again they should rise more?

    In fact worst case scenario you take a dividend and get stuck with the player at a loss but because they scored in their last game people are again likely to lump on next time around giving you the option to sell or hold?

  • Although quick note, doing this on anyone over £3 and the spread would probably be too high to take the risk?

  • Not boasting but I went big on Dzeko yesterday as knew he had a relatively easy game. It’s still a gamble but the guy is bang on form and at his low price you can get more shares and therefore more value in dividends.

  • @NewUser171924 he's no gamble under the current settings... He guarantees goals!!!

    What did you pick him up at? Any idea what his match starting price was??

    I think he's exactly the sort of player you can make money on before and after games as people will always back him to hit the net

  • This post is deleted!

  • I got 100 dzeko at 2.06. Im happy to get dividends after midnight. Hopefully he bags a hat trick. According to whoscored roma are strong attacking through balls and cska weak defending through balls.both goals came that way. So i can see a 3rd for dzeko. Meant to be a profit taking trade if i could get it. May keep 10 and sell 90

  • @dannypea match start was 2.09 mate

  • @dannypea kramaric just went from 1.49 to 1.62 in under 5 seconds. Think best way is pick a player you would keep longterm if yo u wanted too, just offset against him potentially not scoring

  • @dannypea OK, but how long players like him will be available for 1-1.5£??sooner then later will be not many cos all of them score goals and rise above 2-3£(Jovic, Dzeko ...) - like you said "doing this on anyone over £3 and the spread would probably be too high to take the risk"?
    what happen nxt?

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