Ben Yedder steep rise?

  • Can anyone shed any light why Wissam Ben Yedder has rocketed 20P+ in the last hour? He hasn't played/scored and doesn't play till Thursday 🤔

  • Getting in early. I bought 20 yesterday ready to hopefully find a price rise. Did same yesterday with 100 dzeko. He was a good trade all round inc pb

  • Think Sevilla have a pretty easy series of games coming up :)

  • I put up a post on this a few days ago, they've got 5 great games in next couple of weeks.

  • @Andy-M yea I read that at the time and bought a little 30 in Ben Yedder at £2.20 so cheers pal. Just wondered why he spiked at that point last night, thought it may have been some breaking news or something

  • I bought him a while ago (before new divs) and am sitting on a healthy profit.

    If this was on my old strategy I would sit tight and see if he scores goals in the easy games and potentially gets a PB or more of a rise with a few goals.
    But now, I dunno if I should sell and cash in and move onto the next player.
    He's hardly played any of the "easy" games yet - and I'm not eligible for new divs with him - but he's having a decent season and I could still see him rising.
    Its just a whole new head trauma to try and deal with - buying a player cause you think they have potential to become a better player - or cashing in on them scoring a goal or 2 and getting a price spike.

  • @ElegantMonkey the new dividends mean nothing, if he scores goals in these games then the price rise that could follow can be equivalent to a season tally of goals, hold on i say.

  • @ElegantMonkey I had 25 haller last week. I got him at 1.16, think I traded out around 1.60. he dropped a bit but is now up to around 1.80 odd I think with Limassol and a few more games in the Bundesliga. wish I hadn't sold to be honest as people buy into who did well last week etc. lesson learned from that so if he plays tomorrow and scores, people will buy and buy again the weekend even if he doesn't play, you can keep a few and trade out quite nicely perhaps?

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