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  • Would motson, balligue, sky associate there names to a company that's on a downward spiral? Especially sky must have done due diligence before promoting f.i.

    Alot of the panic appears to be around pogba as nobody else is falling like him. Can anybody honestly say they don't believe he will at some point retest his previous highs?

    I agree with those unsure of the company's apparent change in direction but surely amongst all this chaos there some nice oppurtunities e.g imo and I appreciate i am more comfortable with risk than some but as were only using money we can afford to lose I'm adding into pogba as he pulls back further and further and will sell of all extra shares I'm purchasing now when he retests the highs and a positive side effect is its bringing my average purchase price down.

    In relation to profits and losses on open positions does anybody know how are they affected by a share split? E.g Say I buy sms or havertz at £1 they rise to £5 the share split comes in at 1:2 they players are repriced at 2.50 what happens to the previous £4 price movement profit or loss is it automatically credited then your issued with new shares at the new price?

  • @M.s.b

    Lots of big fund management companies held stock in Valerie Pattiserie without knowing there was £20 million in unknown overdrafts! FI is changing and until the trial period is over and we know what we are investing in it is impossible to invest in any player with certainty.

    Share split is simple

    Value on day of share split divided by set % (1:2 or say 1:4) = new shares.

  • Thank you for that share split breakdown makes sense. I think there is alot more changes coming to the platform some of which will be great for experienced traders like the order books. When that happens it will have a much bigger effect on the market then this goal dividend has. They wouldn't Introduce something that has shaken the market like this then take it away I think its here to stay what will be key is the trader meet hopefully were not far from a deposit bonus to so I'm not panicking yet. I havnt been on the platform for to long so I always listen to people with more experience here than myself. I have a 5 figure account but when you look at guys with 6 figure accounts who have been here a long time and seen alot not blink twice at this new goal dividend I take that into consideration.

    You are right cash is king but the problem being in cash in f.i is it's not earning mb. I havnt personally got involved in this new goal dividend I have stuck to my original strategy a simple mix of mb and young potential and have been lucky to see no affect to my portfolio all green except red pogba who has earned me plenty of dividends so far.

  • market instability creates market instability... so for arguments sake 'IF' FI didn't announce anything this time last week would things have carried on as normal??? I think it probably would have done to our knowledge.. Because people wouldn't have panic sold for any reason and closed down portfolio's...(that's not to say FI would have made as much cash in the last seven days though)

    I'm now monitoring the footie which i've never done previously just because I 'need' to check whether the brand is growing or falling having now invested a more proportionate amount for me over the last year or so... I'm now suffering my biggest losses so certainly now more than ever I need to look at the reasons why...

    From what i've seen the Footie rises slowly up from around 50 points to 250 points every day but last week it went up 761 points in 24 hours so a slow down because of this was inevitable... The interesting thing is the last couple of days its been negative which has happened before, but this time is different as it is totally down to the shifting of goalposts and this trial period.

    My biggest concern is that no news is not necessarily good news after something like this happens... Confidence in the market is needed so whether it be a statement a retraction of the trial or an alternative promo something now needs to be done to raise spirits... because if it isn't.. it's not about how much money FI have... it's about how many users will walk due to the markets uncertainty... which in the long run will have a huge effect on how the future of FI pans out!!!

  • In my opinion, the best thing that FI could do now is announce an increase in MB and PB dividends. Even a 20% increase in normal dividends would significantly restore confidence and stimulate growth. In the last 12 months most player prices have doubled, therefore FI must be raking in nearly double the amount of commission. I don't think that increasing MB from 5p to say 6p or PB from 4p / 8p / 12p to say 5p / 10p / 15p is too much to ask.

    Or at the very least, announce that the trial will be discontinued at the end of November and a share split will follow on 1st December. That would cost FI nothing and would stimulate growth.

  • I second the 20% dividend increase, as a token gesture and indication of future strategy that will foster trust in the platform.

    However I would prefer to see a rise that is in line with growth.

    My biggest concern is that dividends do not rise to match the growth in trade and investment. I had expected that it would.

    20% ?
    Not enough long term, but as a current gesture it would be perfect and should stop valued investors from walking.

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