PB vs Goals?

  • What do you currently effects price the most right now? PB or goals?

    What I’m trying to do for Friday as it’s a single is buy a few strikers now in the hope the price rises.


  • Hi Rob,

    This 1 post highlights the massive change that the G & A trial period has had on existing traders.

    Prior to this promotion the question would have been:

    I am trying to identify a few underpriced players that will earn dividends in the next 3 years and so increase in price!

    It clearly shows we have moved on from investing to gambling.

  • That’s the thing. Before I was looking at good PBaverage scores for players. Now I’m looking at flipping. Big difference

  • @Rob No-one has to get involved in G&A or flipping. Sit back and check it out on paper, for the next few weeks. Then decide.

  • @Rob pb average scores will still be there regardless of goals. Look at kimmich. Huge drop in price, won pb last night. Hasnt changed, in that regard

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