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  • So since the 'announcement' last week my portfolio is down 1.60% on 7 days... Not catastrophic you might say... But a loss is a loss and I don't think daily trading suits me as I'm not that into buying an average player who I don't believe in long term on the 'hope' that he might score a goal and his price instantly rises as I may as well just go down the bookies instead and get even odds and a better return.

    Because of the markets instability and the fact that 7 of the top ten players and 34 of the top 50 players are down today I see no other option (than pulling out of FI for good) to quit trading over the next month or so and come back to it when we have a clear plan as to what to do next?

    So I'm saying NO in November to trading... I will keep all shares i've got but won't touch them, won't add more and won't sell any as all the players I hold are held on the basis that they are good for 3 years with the earliest I want to release in Jan pending transfer news... So November for me is a nothing month... And with expected volatility it feels best to avoid it!!!

    Anyone care to join me? I've spoken to people in the past who've just left their portfolios to grow and we can tinker too much for instant appreciation which in the long run will probably even itself out anyway.. so as long as you have a portfolio that in the long run includes footballers that will go on to bigger and better things... I don't see why tinkering with it in November will help things...

    As the great investor Peter Jones often says... (for now)... I'm OUT!!!

  • @dannypea Yep, i'm going to sit and watch...My port has gone to shite in the last week, i think i'm down 2% in the last 7 days but then i hold 500 Pogba :(

  • @dannypea

    My trading strategy (no other reason) is likely to dictate that I too will not be trading for the coming month.
    I think that engine ran out of fuel around two days ago.
    Since the last general spike (the DP's) I've taken a hit of 12.5% and rising....hopefully my second biggest hold is due a haircut soon. What my portfolio is currently showing after this past few weeks is a general slump.

    I'm not concerned, the share values could be considered low and there is lots of room for opportunity, growth and dev.

    What concerns me more is the the relative decreasing incentive that is linked to dividends.
    For me this is key and I've read and shared much of your recent frustrations....
    In the year since I've been an investor :
    The index is up almost 500% - In points.
    One assumes the that trading is up at a similar figure.
    Player values are up by around 300% (on average)
    However dividends have not increased, 0.5p and 2p dividends, did seem a little offensive. the rise I would have expected over this year (based on index, trade and player value growth - 300% - 500%).

    Please can someone account for where all the investment money has gone ? It surely hasn't been paid in dividends.

  • I 'wonder' if anyone has made considerable money over the last week?

    Be interested to hear anyone with a 5% growth in value rise or higher over the last 7 days what their tactic has been???

  • And again this is ONE of the reasons why there is a dip in profits right now. Yet another negative post on this forum saying how bad FI is right now. Maybe just slip out the door and don't tell everyone. Newbies will be signing up to this thing and reading nothing but negative reports from long time traders like us. FI will continue to grow! Stop panicking, are your profits down overall, probably not, have you lost money, probably not, has your portfolio gone down a couple % recently, probably yes, will it go up again, definitely yes. Nothing personal Mr Pea, just my opinion buddy.

  • @Harmonica your opinion's as valid as mine!!!

    My point for no investment in November is quite simply down to as you say... letting things pan out over time so that growth (hopefully) takes over...

    I think one of the biggest issues i've had with FI over the last week is the twitter backlash, is the forum negativity, is the spin off site blogs and opinion that clouds the uncertainty in the product ever more... Perhaps if nobody mentioned the changes it wouldn't be as concerning.. BUT whilst I know investments rise and fall, what is concerning still is the reason 'why' this sudden fall has happened.. and i simply think it could have been avoidable?

    We're all here to make money and we all have different strategies (some of which more suited to the recent changes) but FI are quick to blow the trumpet when things are going well.. Perhaps they should acclaim responsibility when things perhaps don't quite go to plan... I still think a 'responsible' business would have nipped this in the bud by now and we would all be back trading with our thousands as opposed to drawing out and holding cash back!!!

  • @Harmonica Crossed my mind what a new player would think. I think if I joined up in the last week, I would have brought some shares, seen how volatile the index is. Then head to the forums or twitter for a read to find out what to do. Then seen the shit show going down and thought to myself. Nope i'm out of here.

  • @Misto said in NO Vember:

    @Harmonica Crossed my mind what a new player would think. I think if I joined up in the last week, I would have brought some shares, seen how volatile the index is. Then head to the forums or twitter for a read to find out what to do. Then seen the shit show going down and thought to myself. Nope i'm out of here.

    100% agree.

    What some users fail to realise is that all this negativity and scaremongering only worsens their own situation by creating fear/uncertainty amongst other users.

    The trick is to keep breathing ...

    May i suggest that if you want to leave, do so via the back door, in an orderly manner, as opposed to the theatrics of threatening to set yourself on fire and jump from a tall building.

  • Sorry to counter the downbeat narrative but I’ve so far been enjoying the offer and making profit. You could say I’ve been lucky but I spent time researching and eg I focused on Frankfurt due to form and fixtures and they’ve been great, I bought some players like Petagna based on stats , and I’ve been trying to focus on timing of buys and sells - my point is that people can make money if they are able to spend some time on FI during games. I appreciate not everyone is able to and that this is not the only way to profit but I hope some new users do this and the index continues to grow long term to benefit us all , old and new.

  • The goalposts have changed. I don't see them changing back. RIP

    Now. I've sold Rabiot, all of him and pumped money into the bargain basement looking for Europa goals tomorrow. Fingers crossed, it's time to get pumped and get sexy.

  • @johnboywalker the last bit was funny.

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