38 our of top 50 players - red arrow down on Index

  • Looks like a dip in the market, rough and tumble of FI. Match day run of games and therefore Media winners more spread through the top 200.
    Still can’t work out whether the goal/assist promotion contributing or a coincidence...

  • yep.. top eight players on the market all down... perhaps the dynamics are changing because of G&A but without wanting to start on another thread of negativity can we see this as an opportunity to invest???

    I think Mo Salah at 9.92 with the run of fixtures Liverpool has looks like a decent bit of business and is Pogba's drop big enough to yet capitalise on or is it worth holding out until he potentially lowers more?

    I think what the market needs is goals for the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Salah & Kane tonight to bring a bit of positivity back to the top end!!!

  • Salah - I think is a good shout. Bought and Sold made a nice profit and also watched the price keep going...
    Buying back in (me thinks)

    Also think at some point Harry Kane will hit a hot streak of goals (normally does) and then the price will bounce .. G&A will help.
    Spurs have some 15 games between now and end of December and some profile games in that lot..

  • Maybe true for today but over the last couple of months every top 200 player is up; some by ONLY 20-30% others nearer 100% - short term profit taking or market correction, which was wholly predictable given the massive rise in such a short period. G&A promotion has disturbed the market dynamics & will take some time to readjust if it becomes a permanent feature.

  • Yeah Kane needs a run of goals now and no doubt 7 or 8 in ten will see him touch the £10 mark again.. I think this summer will be crucial for his holders though as if he doesn't push a big move it will look like he's staying at Spurs for good and that might lead to a few cashing in??

    For what its worth I hope he stays at Spurs and breaks all EPL records but as an investor, it would be good to see him at Real Madrid as I think he would score a lot of goals in Spain.

  • Yet another negative thread. Would we create a new thread if 38 out of 50 players were green. No, stop scaring people away.

  • @Harmonica harsh. Plenty of positive threads when things going well e.g. Pogba skyrocketing, King Hazard, How are you spending your bonus? etc etc. Okay, the forum reads like a group therapy session at the moment but only natural. There are valid concerns with the way F.I. is going and the market was stagnant even before the Goal/assist botched announcement. If the forum discussions are undermining confidence and putting off new users then so be it - everyone needs to have their eyes wide open when buying virtual shares in football players and without any transparency in the health of FI as a company.

  • i've read plenty of player pumping threads in the past but nothing of late??? is that because players arent pumping players???

    Feel free to start a positive thread if you like but in Hornet's defence, he's only printing facts and it's worth mentioning as it clearly shows the dynamics in peoples portfolios are changing!!

    As said not to want to go down the route of negativity... is it worth investing now on these falling players or would it be better to hold off investing in them until the end of November when things have been resolved??

    RBL's Matheus Cunha btw.. scored at the weekend and is UP 0.25 over the last 24 hours and up 0.21 in total since last week... Currently at 1.87 it'll be interesting to see how he rises and falls throughout the night?
    This boy could be a long term star but I get the feeling he's going to be used as a short term flip???

  • @Harmonica

    Yes, someone would. When the market is doing well, there is an endless supply of "pimp my player" type threads.

  • Without pumping I will list my players that have gone up.

    Edit and gnabry

    Now I have pumped all of them by accident but its positive right!

  • Duda at £2 I especially like!!!

    Dolberg too... Love that Ajax are having a great season so far in the UCL.. you could see this coming over the last year or two, they have yet another team of players that will probably be broken up and will end up all over Europe but good to see another generation of there players coming through... IF the Dutch League was PB the prices of some of their squad would be much much higher!!!

  • @dannypea I wish I had got on Duda to be honest but feel like I have missed the initial boat.

    I have been keeping a close eye on Yussuf Poulsen too, Im very tempted to buy in as a few goals will no doubt result in a rise and hes cheap enough to not have too much of a hit if hes not scoring - Plus I hate Celtic so watching him score tomorrow would be even sweeter!

  • @Wilba I think Duda can still double in value but the short term worry is that a couple of goalless games he will drop? So maybe worth waiting more? although a couple of goals and with divis thrown at him he could still rise over the next few weeks?? Suppose now more than ever is down to timing?

    I've held Poulsen since Denmark played Ireland in last years WCQ and tbf it's been a slow grind but he's getting there... He's started the season well and like all the above, if he keeps scoring his value will keep rising!!

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