Opinions welcome/Portfolio advice

  • After opinions/advice but first i'll give a little background.

    Been on the Index since Jan this year. Initially started with £20 invested just to feel my way around. Had a few small trades with a bit of success so started to invest a bit more month on month. Have £100 invested (£60 own money, £40 referrals) and have doubled that in that time, happy days.
    May invest more as I can afford to but for now and trying to build profit to re-invest. Current portfolio is balanced. I have Salah for MB & PB (easily my most profitable trade with plenty of growth and dividends), KDB, VVD, Eriksen, Immobile all for PB and had good growth some dividends and then longer holds for growth and potential like Foden. I then have some players I have brought cheap with a view to making profit on growth and have prices in mind to sell at. I have sold a few earlier shares for profit recently as I felt they weren't like to grow any more and weren't going to return dividends.
    I have £15 to re-invest and would like to increase my potential dividend returns for re-investment.

    Hope that makes sense and with that in mind I felt it was pointless buying 1 share in one of the top 10 so have decided I may be better investing in someone around £3-£4 mark for 3-4 futures and look to buy more with my returns.
    I've identified either Rashford or Piatek that I like but unsure who best to go for.
    I feel Rashford may be a good MB shout for Utd and England but he is competing with Pogba, Shaw, Lukaku and Sanchez. Utd have PL and CL games but he isn't always guaranteed to play and score. Longer term a new manager and being at Utd could see him grow.
    Piatek could be a better PB chance and guaranteed to start and may get a move to a bigger club but will have no games in Europe I believe. He could benefit from the G&A dividends for the next month as well.

    Interested to hear thoughts on who best or if there's a better option I haven't considered.

    Cheers all

  • purchasing a small number of shares at a mid range price I would probably look for an all rounder for growth and PB (one that might even get a move in Jan who could double in value with a bit of media speculation)...

    I like teams like Eintracht Frankfurt & Lazio or Sevilla or Lyon who have good league records and are in Europe and have players that peerhaps could go on to bigger and better clubs? Jovic, Rebic, SMS (he will come good), Silva, Banega, Bertrand Traore, Aouar etc...

    I hold Rashford and feel that his only rise might come when England play so at United he's overpriced... Whilst Piatek you buy at the highest price, in his best form of his life, will that continue? will that dip? bit of a gamble at the price he is for a relatively unknown product? I would target the £3-4 range with a mix of goals, PB potential and movement potential as Jan is just around the corner.

  • The following players (£4 or less) have won PB more than once already this season:

    M. Akanji
    B. Traore
    H. Maguire
    M. Bartra
    R. De Paul

    But given that prices in defenders are struggling at the moment and may continue to do so if the G&A dividend is extended or made permanent, I'd recommend B. Traore or R. De Paul. Both are under 25 years old too.

    For the record, I do not own any of these players.

  • @dannypea Had considered Silva and he may make the most of the G&A dividends on offer want a longer term hold and not sure he'd get a move.

  • @ocs123 Had considered Akanji but probably wise to wait on defenders for the moment. Not sure the forwards you suggested have a higher enough profile or likely to get big moves. Would like a longer term hold which is why Rashford appealed.

  • I know I hold him but I think Rebic from Frankfurt is a decent hold.
    He has been linked with United.
    25 years old
    Plays Europa league footy.
    Croatia international
    £2.33 is decent .

    I have a few around that price but he is the pick.

  • I would be all over Rebic for his price and knowing Man Utd have touted him for a good while now.. Immobile you have I also think Belotti is undervalued but I think players involved in Europe midweek are better holds as you have more opportunity to capitalise? Icardi will go to Real Madrid eventually... it's just 'when'?

    You can take your pick from Lyon or BvB or Leipzig... Bit riskier are Red Bull Salzburg and Ajax players but plenty out there that can earn you money.. I would go for an all rounder that can help slowly grow your portfolio rather than the quick flippers that are more of a gamble.

  • @dannypea Rebic is tempting at that price but not sure a move to Utd currently makes him more appealing for me. I suppose I could get 4 or 5 Rebic and a few Lookman as well as I like the look of him and think he should go on to get into the Everton team regularly, break into the England squad and get a move. Worst case I think a lot of top European sides would take him now and he has end product so good for PB.

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