Stop panicking

  • Just an observation I have seen I want to write about.
    So many people seem to be panicking about the new promotion. They have pointed out that the players have dropped since the announcement and so have their portfolios.
    When the dividends get paid out on the first of each month people will invest them back in players and you will get a big rise again. Followed by a month of people flipping players chasing g/a dividends paying loads of commission and the market dropping again.
    So don’t panic!!! YOU ONLY LOSE IF YOU SELL. My recommendation is to buy players with the plan to keep them for at least a year. Each to there own though I just wanted to point this out because I don’t think no 1 else has

  • Actually that’s a very good point I didn’t think about. There should be a day of rises like you said around 1st November. Might be people buying up days before in anticipation so perhaps only a week to go until some better days. For example, I think I’m due about £35 just from Jovic and Dzeko this week which will be used to top up these players. I guess we have to keep the faith. It seems these slight drops are less than in previous years. Maybe people are expecting too much.

  • so what you're saying is 'IF' we don't get rises on Nov 1st then..... PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • I just don't see prices rising much as people are selling up as soon as someone scores for a few measly pence plus a dividend to then invest into the next game etc ..

  • investors and gamblers mixin. i have faith the index will keep growin in numbers

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