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  • FI have put out a statement explaining why they introduced the trial. I think it's pretty helpful - particularly the strength of the bit about not moving away from the long term focus of FI. Whilst if I was being picky I could pull out one or two things, mostly it sounds like they are actually listening.

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  • Good update that.

  • Yup, hopefully everyone will calm down now.

  • @Noirx4 Thank you for the snapshots. A well worded segment from the main man, and I will stick with it as it is still one if the best investments I have made.

  • Like the way he finishes it with the words onwards and upwards. Trying to give confidence that there’s a positive and long future ahead.

  • I think the bit about Messi breaking his arm is bollocks though tbf thats barely been a negligible factor if at all in the widespread losses since last week. If anything, his price has held up better than most of the other big hitters (Hazard/Mbappe/Pogba/etc)

  • Obviously no mention can be made of other trials or ideas, but the ideal scenario for FI would be if all players could qualify for match day dividends, so there could be hope for defenders yet.

  • No plans to double dividends any time soon. That is annoying. Goal and assists would be alright with me if they made it so we got dividends for 3 years like mb and PB instead of 1 month.

  • No apology for the harm unnecessarily caused to the market and prices.

    Laughable to suggest that anything other than this promo has been responsible for 95%+ of these falls.

    No confirmation either that it will definitely end on 30th Nov, which would have been one way to restore confidence and the stop the falls in a lot of players.

  • @ocs123 I feel like I wanted to see an acknowledgement from them that it hasn’t worked out as expected etc, and that they can see that it’s having a negative effect. However, I can also see that they would want to try and put across a positive message and try and rejuvenate things a bit. Catch 22 I think.

    The bit about simplifying dividends is nonsense. With the new diva being for new shares only, for 30 days only, buy after the event available and paid out at end of month is way more complicated?!

    I’m not sure what they can do right now though in all honesty. They can’t end the trial because of what they have already caused traders to do with their portfolios. They have to ride it out now.

    It’s up to us to figure out what the best way to operate for the next month or so is. We all want an immediate fix to stop the red, but it simply isn’t going to happen.

    I’m trying to remain confident that the FI guys are working hard behind the scenes to understand the market reaction better and figure out how get the market moving again whilst instilling some confidence in the traders.

  • I am agnostic about the trial but I cannot believe that FI are going to be able to implement the dividend payment correctly. Whenever there is something new to do, there seems to be technical issues - if FI cock this up , then there will be another leakage of confidence from the product. I also think that as a bare minimum FI need to change the website so we can see when futures were purchased/ which ones are eligible for goals and assists and which aren't.

  • @NewUser155531 Programmers on a postcard please!

  • I think if they'd have communicated that the trial was for G&A as an additional dividend, with no intention of changing anything in the current dividend structure, there would have been a far better response from the market. This update sounds positive for me and makes a lot more sense - a bonus dividend for 30 days after buying a player. Says to me, trade how you would normally, there's an extra little bonus for you if players you pick with your normal strategy happen to go on and score or assist. Perfect, do nothing different, get a little bit more ££.

    The communication was appalling, and it's caused what now appears to be unnecessary (but completely understandable) mass hysteria and portfolios bottoming out for all. A few more updates with similar sentiments needed to undo that damage, starting with the end of this trial period.

    For me, this signals the end of the dip - opportunity to be found now in players who have fallen for no real reason.

  • Money is coming out of defenders who make up half the market, to fuel dividend chasers. What's the point in holding defenders now? PF's with defenders are dropping, and there's uncertainty as to how low they'll go. So maybe there's a combination of traders selling up defenders for the moment, and others selling them to fund G&A. And money has been withdrawn.

  • @Ollie

    Price is driven by dividends. Nothing has changed with regard to PB dividends (defenders or otherwise).

    If defenders prices are dropping - good. The majority of my portfolio is based on a medium to long term hold strategy, so if defenders are cheaper for me to buy, it just increases my predicted dividend yield.

    Agree that G&A dividend chasers add a new element in terms of capital volatility - for me, that will fizzle out. Regardless, a long term dividend strategy should ride most waves.

  • @Ollie
    Because they'll still be eligible for Performance Buzz which was always their appeal anyway. Not many defenders win MB anyway.

    I have Kimmich who has returned 12p per share this year already despite not scoring or assisting (maybe 1) all season. Thats better than what half the players people are chasing will score the rest of the season - looking at you Glenn Murray, Troy Deeney etc.

    FI communicated the trial shockingly, many were confused and the website was down so people panic bought at the announcement, but the rest of the shift has been because people are ignoring PB and MB to chase what?! The most anyone is ever going to get realistically is 10p in a month for a average striker. A lot will get maybe 2p or 0p. Then people panic, sell, their value plummets. Once commission comes into it, id be shocked if anyone with this strategy comes out up. Maybe if you hit the jackpot with the media buzz/performance buzz win. Same with selling after a game. Your going to have to find the sweet spot in the market to buy, get your dividend and sell and come up consistently up. If your striker doesnt produce the goods you are screwed, especially as people catch on its for a month and isnt really worth it.

    Some defenders can legit get 30-40p a season dividends. Look at RAmos, Kimmich on track for that, laporte etc.

  • The best thing about this statement was the reference to being a different product and not being a ‘bookies’.

    The MESSI comment was stupid.

  • @Tom77 quite right. 45 of the top 50 players didn’t all break their arms as well 😏

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