Red October

  • I've just gone into the red for October. Just wondered how this compares to others? Anyone made decent money this month? Looking forward to better fortunes in November. Have one eye on Dublin trader meet and hopefully some sort of sweetener to coincide with that.

  • my worse month ever. not sure what to do next

  • @NewUser99665 don't jump

  • @NewUser99665

    Don't panic, read Adam uptade and calm down, stick with your strategy and watch close what will happen in coming weeks 👍

  • Awful for me too.

  • When I look on whole month so yes I was happy till last week, nice profit etc but last week - down like most of us...

  • I have done well this month, in line with the last 3 where I've managed around 20% growth each month, however I'm a pretty short-term trader with a small portfolio so it's easier for me to pivot and adapt to things like this. I also never touch the big boys.

    I had some players dropping after the announcement so sold a lot, and bought players who I may have considered anyway but the new dividend may have given them some extra juice. For example I bought Haller 4 days ago for £1.55 and he's currently sitting at £1.88. Reckon there'll be a few more lump on tomorrow and I should be able to shift to market for a tidy profit.

    The new dividend seems to have improved the pre-match and in-play flip possibilities, but not much else. Even though it seems to be good for me I understand the frustrations of others and think caution is probably justified at the moment. However, if this trial turns into something permanent then I think the market should settle down, especially if they make some tweaks. I think it's the uncertainty more than anything else that's causing the malaise we're currently seeing.

  • @Jazzman glad to hear someone is still profiting. Short term trading looks like the way ahead.

  • @NewUser162554

    I've turned a profit in October without short term trading. Got on Plea and Thorgan Hazard at the right time, which involves some level of luck, but shows it is possible.

    I also would query whether short term trading is the way forward. Most of my losses have come from people reducing investments in defenders/defensive midfielders. Those capital losses won't go on forever. In fact, I suspect the market has over-corrected at the moment, and at some point we're due a defender bump.

    I think smart long term trading with a diverse portfolio will remain a very profitable way of doing business, alongside smart short term trading.

  • @NewUser162554 doesnt mean long term aint gonna work, each too there own, takes all kinds ;-)

  • @NewUser151265 agreed but my confidence in long term trading has taken a hit with the volatile nature of the past week. Still leaking losses on my holds and it's just not sustainable. Unless something changes soon will need to either consider a new strategy or to cut my losses and sell up.

  • @Willie-Mink good to hear, but not sure if you can really declare a profit on those trades if not prepared to sell. No profit until you sell, and the unrealised profit on your recent trades may sap away in current market. Good luck though.

  • @NewUser162554

    I sold! Both bought and sold in October. :)

  • @Willie-Mink but you said you turned the profit without short term trading...

  • @NewUser162554

    I suppose it depends how you define short term trading, given the average hold is 48 hours. I sell up when I think a player has reached what they are worth, regardless of how long that takes, rather than merely taking advantage of the daily ups and downs (which is how I think of short term trading). This time that took 3 weeks, and didn't involve watching the market very closely/doing in-game betting/having to sell at precisely the right moment. But maybe I'm stretching the definition slightly, so I see your point.

  • 2.5% up for me so far, not the finest month but still not bad returns

  • A green October after all! Thanks FI, glad I didn't panic and sell up now #keepthefaith

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