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  • Can anyone share any info on what the average monthly new user numbers have been in the 2 years of FI ?
    Am I right in thinking there's been a big influx of new users since the talksport and tv ads over the last 6 months or have the numbers been quite steady since it started ? Anybody that has been here since day dot care to share their views ?

    And what are people's predictions and speculation of further growth in terms of new users ? I guess it's quite difficult to say until the results of the penny stocks play out...

  • I don't know. I've looked at the people who post on the forum where they are called New User...., and the highest one has been NewUser 110000 roughly. I'm expecting 5x as many users and more if this goes big abroad. It might grow to 10x the number of users. Personally I'm hoping there's less at the moment because that gives me a chance to stick money in whilst player prices are low. The more users there are, the higher prices will go.

  • When did you see the user numbered 110000 post ? I've only been on here a week so if it was before that then that theory has no bearing.

  • @NewUser94307 as I already posted a few times: the potential for FI is nearly unlimited. I estimate that it has only about 15000-20000 users yet. I think that all the people who, invested more than 5000 gbp will be rich in the future. Imagine FI gets 1.000.000 users that would mean 80 times more capital in the market... but its just my opinion.

  • Why do you think there are only 15-20000 users atm?
    So you don’t think our user number has any bearing on these numbers?

    Does anybody know of a concept that is comparable around the world? a US version for NFL running atm for example....

  • @NewUser94307 just check their quantity of twitter and facebook followers and you will see how i come to this figure.

  • I'm really not sure FI can go abroad. Isn't gambling restricted (you need VPNs to access most bookies outside of the UK).

  • Extraordinary amount of red tape to take it abroad - would potentially take a long long time

  • I think the quoted figure is around 90,000. I signed up mid June if the new user ID is anything to go by

  • Yeah, pretty sure the Newuser ID is the count. Haven't seen any above 100,000 yet though.

  • After a little more reading it sounds as though around 90,000 are registered users with 25-30000 are active users. According to Adam Cole, there’s 3 million fantasy football league players in UK.
    Surely when the full squad becomes available and PB divs are doubled that will attract a lot more FFL players to here.
    I think the target FI should initially look to hit from here is half a million registered users. Just 10% of FFL players is 300,000 and 100,000 non FFL players. I think these numbers seems reasonable, what do others think?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Double-M

    The only difficulty is that whilst X number of people bet on football each weekend and X number play fantasy football there is a huge difference between gambling with £5 accas each week and then investing £100s (if not more) in FI.

    It's not about overall users but the overall money being invested.

    That said, I'm adamant FI will grow once the word gets out. Also, I've mentioned FI to a few people who are sceptical and therefore only invest small amounts and are put off by FI introducing changes that create volatility.

  • Yes absolutely the more important factor is money invested, there is an element of one following the other though.
    I think almost all players invest only small amounts initially, and the changes that are coming into place will stabilise the market rather than make it volatile, but I appreciate the news of the changes has made it volatile.
    Must admit though nobody I have mentioned FI to have warmed to the idea like I did...need some sales practice I think !

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