Should PB stats be re-weighted to reflect all player positions?

  • That goal scorers like Neymar, Messi, Hazard, CR and Mbappe dominate the top prices to the exclusion of other players? There is research showing that defenders are more important than scorers. It was in a book called 'The Numbers Game' I think. That paying x amount for a top striker adds a certain goal percentage to matches. But that paying less than the same x amount for a defender or GK reduces the number of goals conceded by a bigger percentage.

    Top teams concede the least goals, and every game starts as a draw. Which would you rather have for a winning team, Keegan's Newcastle that conceded lots but scored more, Or Don Howe's boring boring Arsenal who used to be known as the one nil team?

    Last night's CL matches showed some incredible saves by GK's that would have changed final results.

    What I am suggesting is that for example, but not set in stone, but starting point ideas.

    Gk's who make match winning saves receive the same number of points as a scorer, is it 40 points?

    Defenders who make shot blocks or goal line clearances, 40 ponts for each?

    Players who make key through ball assists, generally midfielders, get the same?

    Scorers who are mainly forwards, as usual getting 40 points per goal?

    It shares dividend potential all over the pitch and all player prices benefit?

    This idea is for the general scoring system, not just the G&A.

  • @Ollie good points and well made. I would say that players are competing in their own dividend categories so strikers aren't competing against GK's for dividends so within each category it is an equal playing field currently.
    It's been said many times that a GK category would add substance to keepers on the index.
    What your idea would do is level up the scores for the star player dividends.

  • @Ollie I've been saying something like this for ages. GK don't need there own PB they just need a helping bump in points to give them a chance at winning the DF PB.

  • If they insist on the goal/assist dividend then just remove goal/assist from PB. Makes no sense to reward players twice for the same action. Of course that would cause havoc.

    Anything that rewards goalkeepers other than their own category is again to the detriment of defenders and should not happen.

  • If the G&A remains after the trial would it not make sense the reward a defenders goal with a bigger dividend say 3p. That way there maybe a more balanced reflection on overall prices.

  • @Edge41 Would need to be around 10p a goal for defenders to be proportional.

  • @PB-man Then Ramos would be £20.

  • @Misto and there you have the distorting affect of changing dividends mid bet. 10p for defenders is only fair though considering they score around 10% of the goals vs 50% for forwards.

    Factor in that there are more defenders playing in a given match than forwards and it should probably be more like 12-15p to be fair too the defenders but this is obviously ridiculous. That's how poorly thought through this promo was.

  • i've just given my 'feedback' to FI and how the GK dividends should be incorporated... But let's not beat around the bush here... We all know how important defenders are... But it is the strikers that get the recognition and the accolades because that's just the way things are in football...

    Brian Clough once said "it's the hardest thing to do on a football pitch, score a goal, that's why strikers cost so much money"

    As mentioned all games start at nil nil so its up to those that can to change that... Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Salah etc make it look easy and deserve to be at the top of the PB rankings, but because of the fact we have so many good defenders and because coaching is that good these days it's not always as easy as they make it look. As for defenders scoring more points for a goal? Well its a defenders job first and foremost to defend. I've always played full back and if i've come off the pitch at the end of ninety minutes with a nil behind my teams name i know i've done a good job. Maybe that should be a better incentive? But I wouldn't mess around with PB that much? We know the dynamics are suited to game winning goals and staying on the pitch for 90 minutes and passing to your mate and taking as many set plays and shots as you can.. I'm happy to pick out those players rather than find another system that benefits a different kind of player, because goals win matches, so I see no reason why these shouldn't be rewarded?

  • Shot blocks and goal line clearances which would apply to individual defenders, say 40 points again.

  • @dannypea The old system was fine and what the players prices were based on. It should not have been messed around with. Maybe add 10% to div wins for first 30 days you hold a player or something if FI really need to encourage volatility.

  • This is a common occurrence every day around the world. A game ends 1-0, but the keeper has made two or three unbelievable world class saves, and gets Man of the Match. Here, he gets nothing, but was more than 50% responsible for the three points.

  • @Ollie said in Should PB stats be re-weighted to reflect all player positions?:

    Shot blocks and goal line clearances which would apply to individual defenders, say 40 points again.

    And then Lewis Dunk becomes the new king of the index ... no thanks.

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