• In the hope of putting some positivity back into the forums I have just had a look through the top 200 (as its where I like to put most of my money) based on what players have done in the past there seems to be a lot of opportunity on some of these players

    I own some of these, all have dropped recently and I am looking to top up over the next week or so, I have money in cheap strikers that I will be looking to recycle into PB players over the next week or so, so interested to see where people see value

    Toni Kroos - affected by G&A but is a PB machine, when Real click he will surely rise again?

    Thiago Alcantara - similar to Kroos but now looks very cheap, I hold and will top up when I think the time is right

    Ramos - question marks over whether he remains on pens when a new manager comes in but as club captain id like to think he has a say? if real start to win he will be up there for PB once again

    Salah - Still seems to in in and around the media, was a GWG off winning PB yesterday, cheap at £10?

    Ronaldo - I luckily sold at the right time but looking at his price now very tempted to get back on. Rape case seems to have blown over and looks good for divs

    Kimmich - just bought some, looks cheap and scored over 200 mid week without doing anyhing

    trippier - takes corners and free kicks, not a world beater on PB but solid enough to be up there, one of 2 eligible games on Monday so a decent chance of divs

    Modric - will he get a rise closer to the ballon d'or? now sub £2 and was £2.65 when he won fifa world player of the year, worst case scenario can be held for transfer rumours as Inter are still lurking

    those are just a few that I picked from my watch list. Anyone agree theres value there/see value elsewhere?

  • Pogba has the best £/dividend return of anybody this season and has consistently returned since the move to United.

    Is Salah going to produce nine tenths of the divs Pog does?

    Thiago a half of Pog's divs?

    Trippier a third?

  • @PB-man Completely agree, I think theres a lot of value in Pogba. The mourinho situation makes me nervous so for me personally I want to wait until thats resolved.

    the fact hes banned from the media isnt helping either but perhaps thats the reason he dropped over the last few weeks and his price is now more reflective

  • Could FI have weighted this dividend bonus for goals and assisted in a way to benefit lower valued players so that the big players drop? Perhaps it would lower their payouts if people were to cash in players like Pogba who bought some time ago? I think if the ‘mechanic’ stays in place, big name players will keep going down in price as the 2p per goal is a much bigger payout on lower priced players when people can afford more shares.

  • i've suggested 1p strikers, 2p midfielders, 3p defenders for goals and scrapping assists... i've also suggested a 3pm deadline for that days matches (MB/PB/G&A) and dividend payments to be made 3pm the next day with the view to holding a player a min 24h before they are eligible for dividend payments.

    Although we are seeing the average (goalscoring) players close the gap on the top now what hurts me the most is the volatility between games and payments which is creating huge spikes and falls.

  • @dannypea I think this whole trial has been absolutely perfect for FI though, not only the commission they have earnt but also the gap between the top players and the rest is closing. They will potentially do a deposit bonus where the money will flood to the top again before a share split again reducing prices so people buy again and the top players rise again

    its essentially a cycle of money moving around the index, something which needs to happen for the index to survive. Cream always rises to the top though and the money will return to the best FI players, FI arent idiots and they wont want to destroy the brand so will work on a way of getting it right in the end.

    in the meantime I was merely looking at potential players to capitalise on due to their reduction in price

  • @dannypea volatility example from my own trade. I bought 100 dzeko at 2.06. kickoff he was 2.09. scores twice and an assist. held til after mindinght. received £12 dividend payout then instant sold at around 2.29 making £13.52. 7pm last night he was back down to 2.04.

  • @Wilba

    I like quite a few of those picks.

    I'm hoping that the Real Madrid players bounce in price once Lopetegui is sacked and a new manager comes in. They can't continue to be rubbish all season surely?

    I've bought Bale and Benzema as a result, but I can see the whole first XI rising 10% once they get back to winning ways on a regular basis.

    Although best case scenario (for me) would probably be: new manager comes in and doesn't play Bale; Bale gets fed up and hands in transfer request; Mourinho continues to throw his toys out of his pram at Man Utd; and, Woodward signs Bale in January to keep Mourinho happy. I can always dream!

  • What time did you sell Finlay??? seems like a perfect short term strategy but not all of us are allowed to stay up past midnight, which is another reason i've asked for that to be changed!!!

    Re wilba I doubt that this has been a perfect trial for FI... a lot of self inflicted damage has been done to reputation and a falling footie and people leaving the index has suggested this is not ideal even for the smartest of businesses, unless that's what they wanted of course?

    I get that more transactions = more money for FI... what I don't get is why the market has completely changed so much because of this trial? I think investors are to blame for hitting the panic button??? My portfolio hasn't changed much? I had a small investment on Finbogason when they announced the trial and chucked in a bit of cash on the Thursday (which i was going to do anyway) and pumped in on Kane, Sancho, Rashford, Mbappe to name a few but i've not chased goal dividends like many have...

    Maybe in hindsight I should have waited until this week and purchased the same players for slightly less???

  • @Wilba

    Not absolutely perfect though. Index is down 4 straight days meaning less money's in the index, nearly 350 points. That means nearly a 1% reduction of money in the index.

    If the index was going up and these mass fluctuations were happening id agree.

  • I get the strong sense big money is being pumped into the index right now. Dele Alli, Florian Thauvin, Marcus Rashford, Jorginho have all just gained 7p+ in less than an hour, and I can't see why, other than the index has been at a low ebb.

    Looks like it's happening to lots of other players too! Saw some chat on Twitter where a small group were saying they were gunna put money in today. Maybe this is spreading wider? Either way, looks like good news!

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