Jonas Hoffman

  • Thoughts? Scored a hatrick last time out and it’s a single day tomorrow. Think he will rise in price?

    Think his price will grow over time?


  • Trading at £2.19. Think there is value? Pretty new to the index so appreciate your thoughts please.

  • He’ll probably rise a bit ahead of the game but it’s very difficult to turn a consistent profit on the basis of one day. You need to take the call whether he’s a good long term hold for your strategy.

  • Agree with Playing Cards, try to think longer term. He's the heartbeat of a very good Gladbach team and 2.18 (2.21 now) is excellent value.

  • Very good player, scores goals, played well all season and won pb 2 or 3 times now this season. Long term hold as at the very least bayern will go sniffing as god forbid any german club arent allowed quality Germans except them!

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