It's going to get Messi !!

  • Hey Guys

    Well, what a 24 hours for Messi on the Index....up 41p when writing this post and he is now at £9.08 !!

    the '£10 Club' is in his sights and to be honest its going to be a long time before anyone joins him but will he win 'Top Forward' and 'Top Overall' tomorrow ??

    Let's hear your opinions...who will be 'Top Defender', 'Top Midfielder', 'Top Forward' and 'Star Player'? here are mine:

    Top DEF = Stones
    Top MID = De Bruyne
    Top FWD = Messi
    STAR Player = Messi



  • Completely agree on Messi and Stones they've been the undisputed kings of PB in their respective positions although I'm going to go with Rakitic/Thiago for best Midfielder. I'm leaning more with Rakitic though as I think Barca will dominate their game tomorrow.

  • I have 3 constants in my portfolio; Kane/De Bruyne/Stones. I started on a budget and decided to go for Kane over Messi, but the Buzz returns have still been huge. I would recommend anyone starting off to build there portfolio around them 4.

    Interested to hear who other people have built thier portfolio round...

  • I've built my portfolio around Messi, Stones, De Bruyne, Thiago, Kroos and I've just now added Goretzka after he's been posting solid PB scores since he entered. I think these 6 will be my core going forward and I will add others when the new players are added on November 1st.

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