Hat trick for Ben Yedder today

  • Couldn't find the old topic on Ben Yedder so decided to start a new one... well we all know he was rested in EL on Thursday and should be fresh and raring to go today, his price has been gradually rising all week, seriously hoping he bangs in a hat trick today and his price will absolutely fly, I'm not trying to boost his price up here because that's going to happen anyway if he scores... he's currently my biggest hold and really curious what will happen after the trial period ends, he's still a good shout for PB so hopefully his price won't fall, opinions????

  • Well that was disappointing and now ppl are selling up.

  • When there is sudden drop in a price like Ben Yedder it's always a question of how many people have sold and how many have put on the market, if it's the market then obviously his price should rise b4 next game, but it's absolutely ridiculous because it just causes panic and further price drops.. well mine are not on the market so here's hoping it's only temporary.

  • @Andy-M

    Andy lad, one way to increase panic in Ben Yedder is to create a topic about him and then proceed to vocalise your internal monologue about said player when things go wrong.

    As a forum, we need to get away from the moaning/crying if others sell players that you personally hold. It's the nature of the game.

    What other do with their money is entirely up to them.

    Players rise and fall. Deal with it.

  • I think Ben Yedder falls into the category of players that will go UP and DOWN quite dramatically depending on form & performance due largely to the fact people will take a punt on him scoring prior to games that say Sevilla should win but not necessarily everytime he plays... He's a good PB punt, but not necessarily a top investment for anything else?

    I think going against his fairly decent goals return at club level is his age, 28 years old now he's not likely to play for anyone better than his current club unless he joins Newcastle United or West Ham for a bit of UK buzz and he's not likely to add too many more French caps with the competition they have for places in the national squad.

    I also think the spread of Sevilla goals and PB mean its tough to single him out as even his clubs best prospect, especially when they have the likes of Banega, Sarabia, Silva & Vazquez who are all scoring decent PB returns...

  • @johnboywalker I don't remember complaining, was more curious if they have sold or put on market

  • @Andy-M

    Sounded like a whinge to me mate.

  • @johnboywalker just said it was ridiculous to put on market when price is falling, nobody's going to buy and the price drops, causing ppl to panic, I also said i was keeping.

  • @Andy-M

    You are only 'keeping' because he is the biggest hold you have, and to instant sell would therefore cause you a substantial loss.

    Maybe this scene from 'The Departed' might sum up the point I am trying to make.

    Jack Nicholson (Frank Costello) is in the bar and he says to some guy:

    "...How's your mother?"

    "She's on her way out" replies the male.

    Costello: "We all are, act accordingly"

  • @johnboywalker actually I could have got rid yesterday without loss so not 100% true.

  • @johnboywalker And believe me if I'm worried about a players price, I won't hesitate to IS with losses.

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