Salah rant

  • I don't understand why you'd put him up for sale after he scores and wins media buzz? Surly if you wanted to off load you'd sell him yesterday while his price was rising because today makes no sense in putting on the market after he plays, maybe you want to get first in the que or try and collect your divs then sell but you'll learn people are more savi than that, after the couple of weeks the markets had selling like this creates no confidence, and then when he don't sell you'll be taking off the market before he plays and then putting back on after he plays again and it all starts again, if we actually stuck with players then more people will buy into that player and market confidence would grow. Rant over 😂

  • @NewUser92251 perhaps it was non-monitored sell queue at work?

  • Maybe people need to free up cash to buy into a player they think will increase more quickly?

    There’s an opportunity cost in holding any player on Football Index. If you see a £1 player who you think will hit £2 very soon, then that’s a much better rate of return than holding Salah at £10 for a bit of MB and a rise to £12.

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