Torreira or Guendouzi neither or both !

  • Watched the Arsenal game to day and wondered what everybody`s view is in Torreiro and Guendouzi I am thinking of investing in one or possibly both fairly new to this so my view is as follows :

    Torreira 22 years old great player loads of passes but dont think he will get any MBs looks like its unlikely he will score or assist too many so at £2.61 may be overpriced however he looks a fantastic player and I think he could be Arsenals main man for many years.

    Guendouzi just 19 years old at £2.05 looks like he could be better value however not sure how many goals ,assists and PB`s he will get

    Views please

  • Torreira looks exactly what Arsenal need.

    Guendozi could be a Vieira and could be a Coquelin. Time will tell.

  • I like both and feel they could potentially be the heartbeat of Arsenal for a few years to come... My issue as an investor is... They don't excite me... Think Petit & Vieira similar style midfielders (but much better) who stayed at the club a long time.... Vieira might have got the odd MB (around Arsenal v Man Utd games especially) but neither would be PB holds and neither would be attracting moves to other clubs.. so growth potential for Guendozi and Torreira yes... but they won't be going anywhere soon and don't really look like ten goal season midfielders so perhaps slowly and solid in growth rather than excitingly doubling profits with buzz...

    Could do worse as no doubt they'll grow in value but i'm sure they'll be plenty of similar priced players that might double in value quicker within the next year just off the back of a transfer!!!

  • Neither. Ramsay is only Arsenal player I hold due to lots of MB pending his move to wherever. FI have just pumped him on twitter too.

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