Will Lopelegui see the night out?

  • Losing El Classico 5-1 on top of Real Madrid's current form surely will open the trap door will open sooner rather than later?

    New manager will either reinvigorate players like Bale, Asenscio et al or not fancy them & create transfer speculation - good news all round IMO.

  • Definitely getting sacked tonight I recon,

  • He’ll go tomorrow morning just after 11 our time.

  • @NewUser159387 lol is that even a question??? I m 100% sure that he has to go now. I cannot imagine that the management of Real Madrid accepts a 5:1 against rival Barca....

  • I think there's some fantastic value to be had in Real Madrid players at the moment.

    Yes, they've lost Ronaldo, but otherwise it's the same side that won the Champions League five months ago. They are massively underperforming and I would be very surprised if there isn't a significant improvement when the new manager comes in.

  • Bale and Asensio haven’t stepped up although its harsh on Asensio as he is still young.
    Isco hasn’t played enough and I’m sure he will now as the new manger will surely see him as an experienced player who needs to help galvanise the team.
    I dont see where Vinicius fits in, you cant just exepect an 18 year old to save them.
    They need a few new players in all reality, striker, centre mid and a centre back.

    If Conte gets the job, look for pogba rumours as he signed him at Juve, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  • I think there is value in Bale
    He will either start playing well under the new manager
    or he will get linked to a move back to the premier

    or both......

  • Yeah heard Conte is likely.... Think Zidane saw it coming.. He weren't a fan of Bale but was pressured to play him, he knew without Ronaldo they would struggle... A lot of times in the league last season they struggled even with them both so to win the UCL last season was a real achievement... As for this season it was probably on the cards ever since Lopetegui left the Spain job...

    Conte will steady the ship and they should be stronger for it.. In a funny way 3-4-3 might suit them as the best players they have (for the first time since I can remember) are arguably defenders? I think a big clear out in the summer could include the likes of Bale, Benzema, Navas, Modric maybe even Kroos & Marcelo who are all 30+ or approaching!!!

    The issue is... the likes of Asensio, Ceballos, Vinicius, Valverde, Odriozola etc are still a long way off!!

  • Cant see Hazard going to Madrid if Conte is there then, don't think he liked him that much nor Courtois!

  • think there were murmurings of Hazard signing a new contract a couple of weeks back especially as he seems to be enjoying his football under Sarri and perhaps playing the best he ever has.. along with the fans being so supportive and his recent comments saying he's split.. wanting to stay at Chelsea but also knowing 'IF' Real Madrid come knocking it would be hard to say no... I think his decision will be made on the smallest of margins... Real Madrid's recent form and them potentially going for Conte could be huge in swaying him to stay at Chelsea?

    Wonder how that would effect his price on the index?

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the playing staff at Real Madrid. The issue is 99% tactics, and a manager that was simply out of his depth.

    Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Bale, Isco are world class players who have won the Champions League trophy consecutively, yet under Lopetegui, they sit 9th in La Liga.

    Ronaldo is gone, and I accept Madrid miss his goals and leadership, but still believe that even CR7 would have struggled to operate effectively under the Lopetegui system.


    To illustrate my point about how Lopetegui's tactics negatively effect the Madrid midfield. (Which I've been pissin n moanin about to anyone who will listen over the last few weeks)

    9 players used.
    63 combined appearances.
    2 goals scored.


  • I get your point about Lopetegui... Certainly he's not the man that was needed to push Real Madrid on from the Zidane era but lets not forget before they beat Liverpool last season they only won one of their last five games and four of their last eleven.

    They had a couple of spells last season in November and in January where ZZ was under pressure himself due to runs of bad results... This isn't an overnight thing, this has been a slow burner and if it weren't for them somehow managing to win the champions league last season would have been a disaster too.

    Many Los Blancos fans have pointed the finger at the likes of Modric (ironic in the year he's winning awards) who's club form hasn't been great, Casemiro and Kroos even before Lopetegui took charge... Asensio has not stepped up to the plate despite showing promise, Isco is the man they want to rely on but even he's had his struggles with injuries and form, Ceballos and Vazquez for all their endeavor are not world class.

    All that said... Without Ronaldo the strikeforce is not good enough... Bale has been heavily criticised for not doing it week in week out, Benzema has been long criticised for a poor goals return considering the chances he gets and the other two are complete gambles with no real track record... This is not just a Lopetegui problem... there's also a massive problem with form and lack of quality and depth in the squad!!

  • @dannypea

    While I agree with several of your points, you can hardly describe the Madrid team as lacking quality/depth.

    Kroos - World cup winner
    Ramos - World cup winner
    Varane - World cup winner
    Modric - World cup finalist

    I could go on, but the list of achievements for this squad is formidable.

    They would walk into any side in world football.

    Once Conte comes in, I have no doubt things will improve. In his first season with Chelsea, I believe he won 30 out of 38 league games.

  • As i've already said Conte will improve them (its hard not to) and I think defensively player for player they are exceptional and with the right coaching they probably have the best back five in world football...

    But I do feel after their initial attacking front six they have a real lack of depth which hasn't helped when the likes of Bale, Isco, Modric etc have been injured.

    Formidable achievements YES... Formidable squad... For me NO!

  • When Conte takes this squad of shite to another consecutive Champions League crown, we can reopen this thread and have a laugh.

  • hahahaha if they win the Champions League again this season i'll buy 1,000 Advincula regardless of the price next May!!!!

    No Chance!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/

  • @dannypea

    Maybe if they buy Ndombele, they might start scoring again eh ....

  • hahahaha he got his goal last week... few days later than expected but they'll be like buses i tell you ;-0

    Just heard Real are close to completing the signing of Exequiel Palacios from River Plate so some much needed quality legs and depth in MF but again another gamble perhaps with a young player when maybe they need something more of a 'quick fix'?

    Would have liked to have got in early on the price rise but not yet on the index no doubt he'll now IPO at a couple of quid before he even kicks a ball!

  • @dannypea

    Agreed, some of the IPO prices are ridiculously inflated. I have no doubt they might become excellent footballers given time, but not every IPO will become the next Messi/Neymar.

    I've never heard of the South american lad, but you are right, they need a quick fix, sticky plaster kinda player.

    Zlatan anyone? Haha, I would explode if that happened.

  • he would actually be the perfect fit from Jan - April if anything to give the club a bit of a positive lift and a target man... I'm sure he'll get goals against the likes of Huesca & Eibar with the right service which is more to say for anyone else bar Marcelo in recent weeks!!!

    Maybe throw in Wazza and Bradley Wright Phillips too? ;-)

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