MB in a nutshell

  • Eden Hazard sores a hat trick against Cardiff. Firmino wins MB because he got poked in the eye.
    Yesterday, European footballs biggest fixture of the day Barcelona v Real Madrid sees Suarez score a hat trick while destroying Real Madrid 5-1. Pogba wins MB because he runs weird when taking penalties. MB is an absolute farce yet an absolute guarantee of dividend wins for a select few. Got to be on the players who win it regularly no matter how small or large your investment is on these players!

  • one of the first things i did when I started putting money in FI was jump on the MB bandwaggon... Ronaldo YES Pogba YES Salah YES Neymar YES Messi YES... Only a few can win it regularly because when the papers have nothing to talk about they'll always have a fall back and something to write on the top boys!!!

    Its become a near guarantee that say 5 out of 7 days a week one of the top 6 or 7 players on the index will win it which I don't mind for personal glory as I hold them... BUT.. If i were the boss of FI opening the MB up to overseas newspapers and a wider range of opinion would I believe see a more even spread on the winners which would be better for the index as a whole.

    The frustrating thing is (or maybe isn't) that MB can be non football related... It's not about who plays best, but who is most controversial and that's where Pogba ranks as probably the world's no1.

  • Be careful what you wish for; a unilateral change, especially one that destroyed the value of the "usual MB suspects", would make the recent G&A promotion look like a well planned strategy. FI management must accept that the current MB structure is major driving force for the index value, as it is relatively predictable, PB gets less so as more players are added & competition rises. So any proposed change would need to be comprehensively thought through & communicated well in advance or could turn into a catastrophic own goal.

  • @dannypea Can't change MB now without plunging the price of the big boys down. Maybe a separate MB pot for papers from other countries at some point?

  • oh i'm not wishing for it... but maybe thought out it would have been better to represent the five PB leagues with five media outlets from the countries in question rather than 9-10 'English' based rags that jump on Pogba everytime he farts.

    I agree, any changes would cause the market havoc and hopefully considering the other week FI won't be making any more hasty changes anytime soon!!

    Let's face it... How can we not like 'free' money???

  • MB needs to stay simply for the summer break! International breaks maybe, I can't remember if they put dividends in for international league.

  • I never understand the complaints about mb its simple get a few of any of the following hazard, pogba, salah, messi, ronaldo. Sit and wait. Reap rewards

  • @Noirx4 People want £2 players who can return £5 in dividends is the only answer. Just buy the big guns who are well worth their price or accept you won't be winning much media. Simple.

  • @Noirx4 said in MB in a nutshell:

    I never understand the complaints about mb its simple get a few of any of the following hazard, pogba, salah, messi, ronaldo. Sit and wait. Reap rewards

    This ...

    If you don't like it buy performance buzz players. If they were starting again then I guess they would like the 5 PB countries to be included media wise and for it to be less predictable. The only way they could make that happen now would be to package it with a significant media increase. Otherwise it would be like a car crash.

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