• Recent struggles might mean wholesale changes... An excellent time to invest in the likes of players in the side who feel like they need a change having won a lot at madrid as it is? (Bale return to prem? Isco might seek a new challenge and could see him in a pep guardiola side when david silva's days are done?). Equally, players like hazard, kane and sterling could be a good shout as real madrid look to strengthen following this poor run of form, along with an inevitable managerial change? What do we think?

  • Big question is how much does Levy think Kane is worth? My guess is 250mill. Madrid didn't spend this summer so in theory they've saved up.

  • I mentioned Kane to name a few and i see what you are saying... i guess anyone involved with rumours surrounding madrid will see significant increases in the coming months before january

  • @Lukeroro that's the theory. Reality is they are in masses of debt and cannot afford Kane without part-exchanging Bale or someone of similar ilk. Can't see Levy selling Kane anyway.

  • @NewUser156777

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing a new manager in charge and finding out what that means for the current crop of players.

    A managers tactics can have a massive influence on a players PB score.

    Look at Hazard under Sarri as an example.

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