'Dates For The Diary'

  • 6th-7th November... Could see small rises across the board as those who opted in to the 10% deposit bonus have their accounts credited, and use this bonus to invest.

    15th-17th November.. A lot of people selling and renewing shares in players they think will earn G&A dividends in the following 30 days (as existing shares bought when G&A dividends were announced are no longer eligible for G&A dividends).

    Mid November... Adam mentioned an announcement on whether G&A dividends would remain would be made around this time... if retained, large rises in goalscorers? if scrapped, expect to see dips in players like immobile who rose simply because of their goalscoring potential. Equally, if some sort of dividend payout targeted at defenders is added, we should expect large rises.

    Just worth considering. Anyone agree/disagree?

  • What about the first G&A payouts due in a couple days time? There could be a large overall investment back into FI with these?

  • @NewUser171924 good shout! didn't consider that... all in all, it would be seem that these G&A dividends are just going to have more of a positive effect on the market than first thought. Onwards and Upwards!

  • Chances of FI getting the dividend payout correct??

    Zero I'd say

  • @Comrade agreed but people will have more money to invest at the very least

  • So.... in summary should I buy more Glenn Murray or not?

  • are the dividends paid out for G&A enough to actually move any prices? at 2p / 0.5p per share for new users only............me thinks not.

  • @ocs123 depends on your strategy... the returns on G&A dividends are minimal so i look to invest in players who i think will rise the most over the next 6 months to a year... it also depends on whether FI continue with G&A dividends. if they don't then glenn murray is about as worthless as it gets, unfortunately.

  • @NewUser115892 a lot of people on here own upwards of 400 futures in one player. Lets say that player has scored 2 goals since the announcement, thats 4p per share, and £16 credited. I would imagine players around the £1-£2 mark will be impacted most.

  • @NewUser115892 its also not just for new users. the market went crazy when the announcement was made as everyone tried to buy players they thought would score goals before their prices rose.

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