Sell queue

  • How does this work then? I've had a player in the queue for a while and his price has gone up in this time, which doesn't feel right

  • Iā€™d cancel the order if I were you šŸ˜‰

  • When you sell to market someone else is buying the shares off you, which causes the price to go up. A decrease in price is caused by instant selling or joining the sell queue.

  • When you sell a player , you will go into queue to sell the player. If there are 1000 futures up for sale in that player, you will have to wait for them to be bought before your player will be bought.

    If those 1000 futures are bought then the player's price should rise by 10p (its supposed to be 1p per 100 sales). You will be next in the queue. You will then get the higher price when someone buys them. Therefore its relatively safe to have players in the queue if their demand is likely to be stable or rising. If a player is falling and people are selling then either have to IS or just hold on to the player.

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