Your Worst HOLD

  • Ok we've all heard about the players you've pumped and how great your'e doing.. Everyone is now green again the deposit bonus has vanished the memory of G&A and everything is right with the world....

    But I want to know WHO is financially your worst hold?????

    I picked up Rodrigo Moreno in the summer (yes he once of Bolton) who after being one of Spain's few shining lights in the WC he was linked with Real Madrid having scored 19 goals the season before for Valencia... I only hold 20 shares as wasn't totally sure about him but he's down a whopping 0.43 per share leaving me an embarrassing £8.60 out of pocket!!!!!

    Funny enough my next worst is a chap called Advincula (you've probably not heard of him) down 0.06p a share and I hold 80!!!!

    What about you???????? Who's the worst hold you currently have and at what loss??? At least you get to pump him on here now????? #onwardsandupwards

  • Finally, something I can share my wisdom on! haha. My worst for loss per share is Jack Wilshire who is down 59p per share from when I bought him (157p - 98p). I had just started here when I bought him and I have kept him since. The thing that saved me is that I only have 5 shares of him!
    Early on, West Hame were playing Arsenal and I thought his price might rise and if he had a god game get some MB if he got into the top 200 but I think he got injured and just plummeted. I haven't learned much since but I will never sell him untill he at least breaks even! I'm hoping he becomes the new Ferret.

  • @dannypea Rodrigo Moreno all the way....keep hoping for a life changing hat trick and transfer to Real Barcelona of the way I'm still in the red with half of my portfolio due to investing in new players.

  • Worst in terms of buying too high & suffering price fall - Naby Keita currently 94p underwater but I still believe in him coming good so continue to hold.

  • Also if we're talking %age drop rather than money drop I got burned on my first ever (and last)IPO -Jordan Siebatcheu from 83p down to 67p(20%), just gonna hold him forever and nurture him into a world class player in 3years and 1months time.

  • 15 players in my PF currently and only 3 in red but all by quite a lot.

    Antonio Valencia - in the red by -£0.22. Thought he was less than other full backs at the time but not seen the rise for a number of reasons. will hold until I can sell for minimal loss. only 1 future so no dramas, was an early lesson on FI.

    Ryan Fredericks - in the red by -£0.33. Brought 10 futures with visions of promising future at West Ham. Hopefully will still happen but can't get in the team currently. Hopefully the form of Fulham last year is shown and he can establish himself. Think he is cheap compared to other PL full backs.

    Jordan Ayew - in the red by -£0.12. Felt he is undervalued for a PL striker and think with a few goals his price could be over £1 but not happened yet. 10 futures and fingers crossed for a goal soon.

    Happy to hold all these until I see some panic!

  • @IndexAddict less than the price of a pint down on these, good on ya, definitely no need to panic :)

  • Deli Ali a couple of times, absolutely useless on FI.

  • @Tom77 god don't talk about him...

    England's next superstar... our number 10 elect... the future of English football... the man to carry us to a world cup win... I purchased him in Oct 2017 at something like £3.80 thinking 'IF' the Index goes well he's a shoe in... young... English... fashionable... in the media... scoring goals... will probably move to a giant of a football club in good time...?

    Exactly one year on he was worth.... YEP... £3.80 having done completely sweet FA during a world cup year where he was billed as the next Gazza....

    So i sell him, losing my patience thinking I can get quicker returns if i take a small loss and bang... a week later without kicking a ball he was worth £4.18!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The times this has happened to me with FI is unthinkable!!!!!!!!

  • @dannypea Players prices are like buses. When you get fed up waiting and start walking, that's when they come good. Ted the probability man, says the longer you wait, the sooner you get a result.

  • @dannypea Had Fabian Ruiz not long ago at £1.90. Now around £1 higher.

  • @LarryDuffman oh I'm so glad I'm not the only Wilshere victim.

    Pre World Cup on a fine sunny day, he looked on the verge of signing a new contract at Arsenal and with the WC tournament ahead of him. Finally, his chance to shine. England's 'creative outlet' was the label. Then came the WC omission and then the transfer (maybe in reverse order?). Double blow.

    Determined to hold, I looked to the start of the season as a chance for him to turn things around and repay my faith in him. Surely he will be fresh at least and less risk of an injury. An average start and then the injury. Third blow.

    Now, with West Ham improving, his place isn't even guaranteed. Yet, I remain determined to hold. One day he will be green. I just know it. Keep the faith and be sure that I am with you all the way.

    Ps. - 81p in case anyone was wondering.

  • @IndexAddict Fredericks will very likely recover. Check his performances in the Carabao Cup. Zabaletta is aging too and Fredericks just needs a little bit more time. Def hold.

  • Timo Werner and Andre Silva for me. I’m holding long term though with them both being young strikers and both being in Europa League, although not sure if they will be played until later stages. Thought Werner was destined for Bayern but he was shocking at the World Cup and his price hasn’t gone up since.

  • @HUFCPaul said in Your Worst HOLD:

    Andre Silva

    From Seville? How's that possible; he's one of my best performers up £1+ in last few weeks & his price has gone from £1 - £3 in the last 3 months, sitting just 10% off all time high?

  • That’s the one. Problem is I only bought him last week at £3.23. He didn’t play in Europa League game and then came off on Sunday after about 50mins. Dropped to £3.10 now.

  • @HUFCPaul said in Your Worst HOLD:

    That’s the one. Problem is I only bought him last week at £3.23. He didn’t play in Europa League game and then came off on Sunday after about 50mins. Dropped to £3.10 now.

    Jesus, its a been a week lol.

  • Jorge Moraes - bought 97p now 80p
    Maxime Lopes - bought 129p now 112p
    Tom Davis - bought 137p now 118p

    But the biggest is Kovacic - 50p and Keita - 25p but only 8 share each of them hihi! Players above about 50 - 80 shares each so looks bad but long holders so no worry about yet...

  • @Mundek Keita Balde and Tom Davies were both good holds for me lol. I got Balde at £1 and sold at £1.60ish. I got Davies at £0.70p and sold at £1.30ish.

  • Is Bryan Cristante really that bad or did I just get him at a really bad time ?

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