Transfer window advice from long standing members, please

  • I've not been here through a transfer window on FI yet so would appreciate any advice from those with experience; whilst targets are likely to rise in price as the speculation grows & any MB will be largely determined by the size of the club/player/transfer what tends to happen when any transfer is confirmed? I would assume some profit taking depending on how much froth was created in the build up but any examples of what sort of rises & when have you seen in the past?

    I imagine that last January Alexis Sanchez was significant & it appears he may well be on the move again soon, given no one seems satisfied with the results. Since the move however his performances & I assume dividend returns will have been woeful so selling at the right time would have clearly been a great strategy.

    i am building a small section of my portfolio with such targets & have clear ideas of what I personally expect in terms of timing & profit but no harm in gaining advice from those who have had the experience - Thanks in advance for any thoughts

  • Generally speaking people sell up at the point the transfer is confirmed or shortly before.

    But it's not an exact science and depends on who the player, selling club and buying club are.

    From memory, Coutinho and Sanchez increased significantly (by say £2 to £3) in the build up to their transfers and then tanked badly in price (by £2+) once the transfer was confirmed.

  • @ocs123 Thats the value of constant MB wins going once the transfer is done.

  • I was absolutely naive last January when I had first joined, I snapped up VVD days before his transfer assuming he'd rocket given the media and moving to a better team, but I watched his price plummet the day the transfer went through and I was staring into the red sea.

    My advice would be to pick up a few players early who may get speculation and then ride out the volatile transfer madness hoping to pick up a few media dividends. I'm not a very active trader though, I'm sure you can make money if you flip based on daily rumours.

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