Daniel Arzani - absolutely gutted on his debut

  • Waited patiently for months for him to get his chance at Celtic (on loan from Man City) to see if he was as good as touted - 20 mins in tore his ACL & stretchered off. News is he's likely to be out for the best part of a year; gutted for him obviously & my own holding, I guess that's the risk you take with young potential talent.

  • @NewUser159387 Sell him.

  • Yeah, if he's out for a year with zero chance of any MB, I'd recommend dumping him and using the money elsewhere.

    You can always buy back in 9 months time, if it looks like he might return at a decent level.

  • I also bought him but an Aussie mate in a bar told me he was really good so I held my phone up in his face and IS’ed the lot out.

    Now i’m glad I did but i’ll Never let that cheeky bogan
    know he did me a favour.

  • I did have a look at Arzani in the WC and would probably have made a couple of quid on him had I got in when I thought as even I didn't anticipate him moving to City but didn't take a punt due to not rating him that much and regardless I prefer Josh Brilliante to be honest... Much better name!!! ;-)

  • shame for the lad, but tbh him being out for a year makes absolutely no difference to his ability to win Divs over that period, sorry.

  • @Ellisandro cheeky bogan 😂 havent heard the word bogan since i watched an aussie slang vid on youtube haha

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