• Worth less or more now it seems he is putting pen to paper on a new contract?

  • @Tom77
    He was never likely to leave
    He consistently returns High PB's
    He is likely to be one of Englands main players for the next 5 years at least
    is likely to feature deep into this season CL

    There might be a slight dip though it hasnt affected his price since it was announced - but if he does go down ill be getting more shares in him as i think he is by far England's most exciting prospect over the next few years , especially if they are able to utilise him properly.

  • prefer the rates of ADV to Sterling at present ;-) always going to stay as a City player (although would love to see him at Real or Barca) and has stayed out of trouble in enough in recent times to suggest he won't win too many MB's (other than today perhaps) but a good PB hold 'IF' he keeps scoring for City.

  • As a first choice for City he will get plenty of PB and some MB. He's even started scoring for England! Only 24 and lots of potential to improve further still. Looks cheap when compared to some others in similar price range.

  • Definitely a good thing, I'm expecting his price will rise to £10 by end of season if no serious injury.

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