suspended Instant sell

  • Harry Kane has just been subbed due to hamstring issue, this does not bother me in the slightest and wont be selling, an injured Harry Kane will be a media buzz monster.

    I presume the instant sell is suspended to stop the masses selling him, although i fell this is a dick move by Football Index I understand. However everyone would have jumped on a low priced Harry Kane so i think they could have left it.

    Anyway, my issue is that I am not allowed to instant sell anyone!!
    I made my desired ROI on Depay tried to sell and found my whole portfolio is unavailable for instant sell!

    Iwaited for the price i needed and guess what....Its now dropped!!

    Anyone else had this problem?

  • @NewUser90318

    I think that Football Index has an account monitoring system that tracks people's accounts that instant sell on a regular basis and stop them from panic selling when something happens to a player, is this what you do?

    Anyone else got an opinion on this?



  • I hate the fact FI block selling. If a user wishes to sell they should be able to, regardless of how it may impact market.

    Blocking sales could cause users to miss ROI targets or worse lose profit entirely.

  • @AndyP32

    Not a massive instant seller, been on for a month,
    I have mainly bought for long term holds.

    I have however recently been looking at short term returns (8-10%) I have instant sold 3 players this weekend Depay was going to be No 4.

    I’m wondering if it was just bad timing as people holding Kane started to wobble at exactly the same time I tried to sell Depay.

    I think they need to put a system in place that picks out single players when injured rather than whole portfolios

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