Beta Site

  • I know there's been a thread somewhere about this but can't find it. Anyway just wanted to say I've just looked at it for the first time and think it sucks! I can't scroll down any list at all. So is it a work in progress or are we expected to use it now? I like the search for a team but as soon as you do that's where you stay unless you go back to the beginning. I sent feedback anyway so hope it gets better.

  • Feel the same.sent feedback telling them its dogshit and that the website version is far better to use, and looks snazzy and professional. Beta site is a rushed out load of crap and they have done nothing to work on it. I only use the original site. If i am forced to use the beta it needs serious work done and fast. Dont think i will be able to stick using it full time

  • It's absolutely fucking shite just when u think fI can't fuck things up anymore they show us exactly how it's done 😂 fuck sake FI

  • I see what you mean about scrolling!! I cant see any of my players past my top 5. Embarrassing fi

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