European Super League

  • If this gets the go ahead in 2021 what ramifications do you see it having will it have for FI?

  • It'll certainly be added! Treble media days?? I hope the top 16 ranked teams in Europe will be in it (two groups of 8) and the champions of all the other countries (or best ranked outside the top 16) go in the champions league and the cup winners going into the Europa with the winners of each promoted every year and the bottom two in each super league group coming down...

    But will they listen to me???

  • I think on the radio there was talk of them having to pull out of their national league!. Can’t ever see that but if that did probably I disaster for FI.

    Also no promotion or relegation, utter dross, I would hate it.

  • Just a negotiating tactic for a better Champs League deal

    Leagues should call their bluff. Arsenal v Juventus sounds good in theory but come March if the two sides are 11th and 8th. No chance of winning it, no relegation , no European places to play for, will anyone give a crap ? Would Arsenal give up the derbys v Spurs and the chance to challenge for things for that ? I don't think so.

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