Ryan Sessegnon - Finding his feet?

  • Hi - I am a complete newbie to FI having joined last week. Still establsishing a strategy but very much veering towards the longer holds, ane will be building a portfolio which will no doubt refelct this.

    I am currently looking at Ryan Sessegon, who, despite being so young, seemed to have a big impact in the Championship last year (when Fulham were doing well).

    I am aware of some transfer speculation in the summer, and can see spike in his price at the time, which seems now to have dropped. But I have heard little of him this season in the Premier League. Is it the case of being difficult for him to shine in a struggling team, or is the Premier League a step too far for one so young?

    Very undecided on this one? Any thoughts appreciated.

  • @NewUser195960

    Hold him @307 & whilst not cheap is still very young & showing glimpses of class that have not gone unnoticed by the bigger boys. Will be an established EPL player for the future irrespective of whether Fulham can turn it around & stay up or not. Looking at the price of other young, English talent he still looks good value & if/when an international call comes his price will spike significantly - solid long term hold for me.

  • If you believe in the kid I would say now is a great time to buy him as Fulham are out of form and Sessegnon not particularly playing well... So if that changes (and I don't think they can get any worse this season) then his value will presumably go up?

    I still want to see a bit more as to whether or not he can cut it in the EPL? But no doubt any speculation and his price could rival those of Sancho & Rashford etc at similar ages?

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