Find some £££

  • Hi all,
    I'm trying to find some £££ in my port and I'm not sure if some of my players have reached the max lvl of price ?! 🤔I sold already some shares of them with 'nice' profit but still got about 20-30share in each and not sure to keep / sell ?? Anyone can help here, thnx in advance :)

    Fabian Ruiz 267p - every minute he's looking better and better, not bad PB, CL
    Rafael Leao 238p - just bck from injury, scored goal and went up like crazy :), young but big competition for PB with J. Bamba /N. Pepe
    Timo Werner 364p - when he scores it's always a double, transfer news, won PB yesterday, EL
    Manuel Akanji 315p - won PB, CL
    Youri Tielemans 217p - (?) he can rise only when he will move to Pl...
    Ante Rebic 259p -transfer news, good PB, EL
    Aissa Mandii 196p - hmm I should sold him at highest price 2,22£ :/ but...not bad PB, EL
    Giovani Lo Celsco 304p - not sure here...
    Adrien Rabiot 290p - keep only for transfer news in January but scare he'll extend contract with PSG- young with not bad PB so even that worth to keep?
    Bruno Fernandes 150p - transfer maybe to PL

  • @Mundek I like Fabian Ruiz. I held him then got bored and sold. He has risen £1 since then. I will buy him if he goes down again.

  • I would happily sell a lot of these. At those prices, the only two I’d really want to keep are Rebic and Rabiot.

  • All players are either buy/sell or hold; Ask yourself the same questions that you did when you initially bought yours & do the same arguments hold true as to why you bought & does the current price still represent a good risk/reward profile that presumably prompted you to buy then?

    Werner for example has done very little for a couple of months but is a clutch player (as the Yanks might say) so would you want to sell just as he's finding form? Lo Celso is finding his feet at Betis & putting up some good numbers & looking a goal threat in a possession based team, so still looks like a buy to me.

    If you really like all your players at their current prices why not just profit take, say 10% of each of them & you get to keep the substantial portion & buy a new player too?

  • @Mundek what i do when i buy a player is set a sell price next to him and try to stick to that. It's hard to sell sometimes when a player is flying but if you've met your initial target it can't be a bad thing to sell, even though you may kick yourself a bit.

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