Rooney Rooney Rooney! England One More time

  • Rooney set to return to England Squad. Shares are flying up. Wished I had went with my gut instinct and put some investment in. Good to see Ibra and Rooney having a good finish to careers, where they getting a lot of love abroad.

  • I was thinking about going in earlier but glad I didn't.

    I was wondering why he was up to 94p, checked, came back and he was 1.14. I had a think about it and I was tempted at 1.26 but I paused for a second because I know how volatile it could be. He then dropped right away to 1.03 and then went further. He is now back up... It is the most volatile I've seen a player!

  • @LarryDuffman I realise this is the beauty of 'trading' as such. I never really got into it, bar a dab in digital currency. But the beauty of Football Index here for me is, it involves something that I have followed for most of my life. Getting Rooney would have been sentimental but when I started, I only got players I liked. So it is a education and nice for whoever invested, to have a surprise good return.

  • Why is he returning? So southgates chat about youth is the future was a bunch of shit as he brings back old rooney because he now scores goals again in mls instead of giving chances to say callum wilson who scores nearly every week in the prem. Same old england.

  • It could well he southgates bosses suggesting it for some money reason.

    This has never happened before.

    I’m more annoyed it didn’t buy any at 84p.

  • It's raising money on a friendly game for a foundation set up by rooney thats why hes playing don't get ur knickers in a twist it's a one off and his last game!

  • not sure if i'm right in thinking but i think it means absolutely nothing from an FI perspective as the friendly isn't a PB game and G&A's are only being played on Nations League matches...? (someone can correct me if i'm wrong)...

    Saw this on the BBC website yesterday though and reading the comments I couldn't believe the amount of negativity around this decision? Rooney is an England legend, the most capped outfield player the country has ever had and the top goalscorer ever not just for England but for Manchester United too... He's in the top 50 players of all time for international goals and has won everything at club level league, fa cup, league cup, Champions League, Europe League how can we not give him a deserved send off just to say thank you and well done for what he's achieved!!!

    Regardless of whether or not 'he did it in tournaments' or whether 'he's had his time' or not is a lame excuse for getting on his back and creating negativity for what should be a simple farewell to a bloody good player all be it as much for US TV & FA revenue as it is for Charity.

    Other FA's have done similar in the past and I think we are a bit behind in this area and should probably do more for those that have played so many games for England. I have tickets to all the England games but weren't going to go against USA as i'm at the Croatia match on the Sunday and commuting can sometimes be an issue... But now that it's pretty much a testimonial for a player who every time i've seen put on an England shirt whether it be live or on TV he's always gave 100% even if he's annoyed people by tracking back or slowing the game down in possession.... Those of us who have watched Wazza play as much as I have should I hope be fully behind this in giving him a proper send off in an otherwise meaningless match!!!

  • @dannypea sorry coleen...🤣

  • I cannot understand why you would buy futures in him. The England game doesn't qualify for any PB dividends, nor goal and assist, and he's still way too cheap to qualify for media buzz.

    I suppose he can be flipped to other people who may be swept up in the buying flurry but it's a risky game, especially if you're getting in now.

  • @Yellow It's madness!!

  • @dannypea Proper send off..? Why?

    Talented and enthusiastic with an eye for goal? Let's give Jamie Vardy the same England send off. Bring Michael Owen in too, he didn't get a proper send off either.

    Rooney has failed to hit his potential and been entirely unsuccessful for England. (Yes, he holds the most goals record but he simply stuck around for long enough to break the record.) His biggest moment in an England shirt was Euro 2004, so an appropriate send off would be a red card from Pierluigi Colina.

  • @Lukeroro i don't buy into this 'never done it in tournaments codswallop' that everyone always harps on about.... failed this, failed that... Has every England player failed since 1966 or do you reserve special places for only those that YOU like???

    Why does Rooney deserve a proper send off???

    FACT... He's England's record goalscorer EVER (approaching 150 years of history)
    FACT... He's England's record outfield appearance holder EVER

    He is not Jamie Vardy who's done it over 2/3 years... He's not Michael Owen who done it over 2/3 tournaments... He's a player that has represented this country more times than anyone else in history bar Peter Shilton and for that reason alone i'll be there attending and applauding what he's done because I remember jumping up and down after those two he scored against Croatia in 2004.. I remember celebrating his goal in that thrilling friendly verses Argentina... And that deft chip in the Maracana or his two at Celtic Park to beat the Old Enemy.... These goals might mean nothing to you but as an English man and an England fan I couldn't be happier about the contributions Rooney has made whilst playing for England... As mentioned... Nobody has scored more... Nobody outfield has played more...

    I think as a footballer and for what he's achieved he deserves a little more respect from the couch watching 'fan'

  • @dannypea as a couch watching fan I sang his name for years when he pulled on an England top. Screamed with joy when he scored and threw a pint glass at the telly when he had a "Wayne-moment". He's retired. That's it. I'll buy his book when he's 60 but until then I owe him nothing else and he deserves nothing else.
    Was a quality player. A Utd great. An England stalwart, stuck around for a long time. The first tournament since he retired and, well, the results don't lie!

  • Harry Kane played relatively poorly (for him) at the World Cup, yet still scored 6 and won the Golden Boot.

    Other than 2004, Rooney was poor at a lot of major tournaments. Failed to take his chances when we played decent opposition (for example, he scored 1 goal from 4 clear goal scoring chances vs Uruguay, when Suarez took both of his chances to beat us 2-1) and likewise when we played poor opposition (0-0 draw with Algeria springs to mind - that should have been his Panama hat-trick moment at a World Cup).

    He deserves no big send off. Just another overrated played who failed to perform at the biggest sporting tournament in the World.

  • i think the biggest problem 'we' have as England fans is that 'we' expect bells tassles fireworks and all that jazz everytime every player puts on a shirt for England and if they don't... They are the world's most hated man until the next one takes his place...

    As you've mentioned Harry Kane becomes only the second ever Englishman to finish as top goalscorer in a world cup finals but because 'he didn't play well' he'll always be remembered by many 'fans' for someone who 'should have done better' in the later rounds rather than someone that created history for his country.

    Because Rooney 'only did it in one tournament' he'll now always be remembered as the bloke that 'didn't do it in the rest of his tournaments'... Maybe time heels this? I certainly remember Bobby Robson being hated amongst England fans and the failures of Euro 88 should have caused for his exit before later becoming a hero after reaching the 1990 World Cup semi finals... In 1996 I also remember cause for Gazza to be dropped for an otherwise 'ordinary' tournament where he scored one of our countries finest ever goals.

    Those who don't want to give Rooney a big send off will no doubt stay at home and watch Eastenders instead... Those of us that do believe anyone that plays over 100 times for their country deserves recognition will no doubt watch... Whether there's 60,000 at Wembley or 90,000 on Thursday 15th will I suppose tell its own story... I hope the stadium will be nearer full than empty which will tell you a lot about the fans of our nations football team and prove that we do have a few people that get behind our team win lose or draw even if there are many more that seem to despise the lack luster achievements they've achieved over the last 140+ years!!!

  • The only thing I will say on this matter is, regardless of your opinions on Wayne Rooney, that it's sets a new precedent

  • @ScouseSte it's nothing that's not been done before in other countries...

    Didn't George Weah come out of retirement aged 51 recently so he could play for Liberia before they retired his shirt??? his last cap previous was 11 years ago!!!!!!!

    I'm not saying Knight Wayne Rooney as i'm still debating whether I call Alex Ferguson sir or not.. We all know its a publicity stunt and as an England supporter and a frequent Wembley goer I know from personal experience that they have been struggling to fill stadiums recently so anything that helps to fill the ground on an otherwise meaningless friendly that nobody usually cares about i'm all for!!

    Lets face it, could be much worse given in Holland they even made a living room on the pitch for Wesley Sneijder's retirement match... All it is will be a token gesture from the FA who get a very handsome cheque in return and a player who's quite clearly capable of still playing at the highest level gets to play at appease our opponents!!!

    I just think the hysteria created over this has been ridiculous because if it was David bloody Beckham you'll all be sucking him off!!!!

  • Let's face it. We had a decent run in the world cup this time playing against mediocre teams. We played a half decent but ageing Croatia team that we should of beat comfortably and lost. We played a good Belgian side and lost twice. Let's not get carried away with kane with his penalties(although they was good strikes) or Southgate. Big Sam would of taken us just as far if not further! Rooney could of matched any level of the players we used during the whole campaign..

  • Talking of George Weah. His Son Timothy Weah will probably play for USA and run rings round the England Defence. Might be worth a punt on him. Young player with huge potential who could upstage England. One to keep you eye on?????

  • @Buckramrod said in Rooney Rooney Rooney! England One More time:

    Talking of George Weah. His Son Timothy Weah will probably play for USA and run rings round the England Defence. Might be worth a punt on him. Young player with huge potential who could upstage England. One to keep you eye on?????

    That’s the way I’m looking at it but I went for Pulisic, amazingly he is still only just 20 and the biggest start of USA football, looking forward to see him play. Weah is one I would like but dont have enough to invest at this time.

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