Eligible Competitions

  • Is there a list of eligible competitions that count towards Performance Buzz. All I can find in help is, "The Eligible Competitions may also include additional competitions as and when they are available." Would this include the EFL Cup and does it include the Spanish Copa del Rey? Thomas, in support, left the chat when I asked him this question. Also are international matches included? It seems that FI just make things up as they go along.

  • @NewUser93738

    click here

    If you scroll down it tells you all the comps eligible for pb.

    There is a lot of belief that world cup will be eligible but this hasn't been confirmed.

  • @FI1 Thank you, but all I can find there is a list of the leagues. Can I therefore assume that it is only the league matches that count and that there are no additional competitions at the present time?


  • @NewUser93738 ligue 1, la liga, bundesliga, serie a, premier league, Europa league, champions league

    No domestic cups count towards pb at present. Nor internationals.

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