Still no sign of my G&A payout ?

  • I know there were a few delays with the g&a payouts hitting the account but I haven’t seen any updates in the last couple days so I wondered if anyone else is still waiting or it there has been an error with min?

    I received the prompt email soon after 1st of the month saying what I had won but since then nothing?

    Thanks in advance !


  • @JoshuaN I'd send an Email straight away, seems like they've screwed up, they even screwed up on my PB dividends because of all the chaos with G&A dividends.. although they did apologise and pay directly, it was obvious they'd messed up because the title of the payment was Bonus and usually it says Buzz.

  • Did everybody get an email cos I didn't? The g/a bonus wasn't correct(in my eyes), but I was waiting for the breakdown of payments via email.

  • The email doesn’t give you a breakdown, it just confirms the total amount paid (which for me was wrong).

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