Expiring contracts

  • A lot of great players that have expiring contracts.
    Do you think below players are good to buy?
    De Gea - 137p
    Godin - 131p
    David Luiz- 178p
    Alderweireld - 226p

  • None for me imho. as g/a stands they are worth nothing and also as pb stands, so to me it would be transfer speculation only that may get a bit mb.

  • You're better of with Yacine Brahimi. Left winger in Portugal, contract up at the end of the season and has had some links with prem clubs. Still see another 20-30p growth in him.

  • This is the most comprehensive list of players with expiring contracts:


    However, some of them (such as De Gea and Martial) have club options for an extra year (click through to the player profiles to check that)

    IMO the most interesting prospects right now from an FI perspective are these players who are relatively cheap on FI, have PB League/UCL club transfers rumours and who could be sold in January in their club decides to cash in rather than lose them on a free in the summer:

    Hector Herrera (Porto) - £1.50
    Yacine Brahimi (Porto) - £1.23
    Eduardo Salvio (Benfica) - 93p

  • @Weedster To be fair, David Luiz did win PB yesterday.

  • agree on Luiz. Thought he was bit underpriced before his PB win yday. Should have scored too, basically free header. Takes odd freekick still as well as set piece threat. Picked up a bit of transfer spec today, links to Barca. And the great thing about FI is it doesn't penalise for the one or two defensive clangers he seems to make every game.

  • @BL__FI fair point, just ignored him cos don't rate him....my bad sry.

  • no need to apologise. think we can all forget sometimes that players we may not rate or like irl can still be decent Index investments at the right price.

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