Argentine strikers

  • With messi's reign for the national team ended or ending aguero and higuain aging also who will take over? Looks to be 4 main candidates but who's the standout -
    From a f.i perspective dybala is alot higher priced than the others and not his teams star but icardi scores more and is Inters main man. Martinez looks like a potential icardi replacement? So if icardi is sold his price will rocket but so could Martinez. simeone is at the smallest of the clubs and probably the easiest to buy. All have negatives and positives not sure which one to go with... dybala aside I think the other 3 are all great value holding for the season will all rise question is which one most?

  • @M.s.b stick a pin in for me, all young, all with potential...if I had to choose it would be Dybala cos love to watch him.

  • Dybala is more likely to win PB for club and country as he generally has more touches of the ball than the others whilst i've held Icardi for a while now he's an out and out goalscorer that has no chance of winning PB unless he scores a match winning hat-trick (which is always possible with him), the best finisher in the world for me and the one I think Scaloni wants to be his no9...

    I think they like Lautaro Martinez for the future but playing no2 to Icardi at Inter won't help him short term? Correa at Atletico is also young and has some good PB potential and playing well for Atleti... Cristian Pavon is a forward according to FI and should he get a move to Europe he could be a very good PB player too?

    Depends on your strategy but I see huge potential in Simeone, Correa and Pavon simply because they are much cheaper than the others!!

  • The strategy for this investment is capital appreciation with any dividens a bonus as I already have a group for mb. It will be interesting to see how the solari situation works out at real Madrid if he was to get the job would he favour a Argentine striker? Could definitely see dybala to Madrid not sure if Icardi would due to his la Masia link. I'm personally not convinced dybala has a much higher price ceiling and he has a large spread but I could see icardi and simeone reaching dybala current price those 2 seem go have a better r.o.i then dybala agree Martinez is more long term unknown. I already have plenty of them so might hold of on him. I might be wrong but from the world cup pavon looked good but more a wide player in the mold of di maria and could take time to adapt to Europe cant see him being the next big striker for argentina.

  • IF its simply down to picking who you think will start for Argentina as a striker then Icardi is the man... He will almost certainly lead the line going forward with Dybala and another (my pref is Correa or Pavon) either side!!

    As an out and out CF I probably see more legs in Simeone as a capital growth investment as he's fairly low priced at 2.25 and should he hit some goalscoring form that will ramp up which will also lead to transfer news and he's already kicking about the national team so when Icardi doesn't play (and Martinez has still not kicked a ball) he should be in line to start?

    If Dybala does go to Real Madrid though who's to say his price can't double long term as he certainly has ability!!

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