Goal and assist payouts

  • When should I receive my goal dividends?

  • @NewUser158302 said in Goal and assist payouts:

    When should I receive my goal dividends?

    A week Tuesday, around lunchtime just before that annoying neighbour lets her dog out and the man opposite decides to mow his lawn AGAIN! Why on earth does he still have an Austin Allegro on his drive way? It probably hasn't even been driven since 1984.

  • If next Tuesday is too far away, you also have the option of Click and Collect from Argos.

    If you ask to see the manager in person, you have a further option of receiving your dividends in either Royal Mail or Green Shield stamps.

    As Xmas is coming, there is also a seasonal promotion period of receiving your dividends as gift vouchers, to be forwarded on to someone you know, who doesn’t realize what youre up to on the quiet.

  • Go with the Green shield stamps. You may not get the 37p you were owed for a goal scored by an obscure Algerian left back playing for Dijon and an assist by a 6'9" Slovenian with no chin who came of the bench for FCQarabag in the Europa League but you can trade them in for 4 charming crystal wine glasses (Plastic).

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