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  • Currently my method is combining a long term strategy where I'm focusing on capital appreciation of young players showing potential along with Media Buzz strategy where I own a fair amount of the big boys - Neymar, Messi & so on. Looking over my portfolio I'm just wondering whether it would work out better to invest solely on the young players with potential as I've tied up a fair chunk of cash in the Media Buzz players who have paid off to degree with some dividends but nothing really significant ...Any thoughts?

  • @Wiillaah I would say this depends on how much cash you have in the index.

    For me personally with a small portfolio I make most of my money holding players for 1-2 months and then selling

    Ndombele, Barella recently.. for example,10 neymars is £150. for that price you can get 75 of a player at £2 who can quite easily turn into a £3 player making you 50%

    I would say thats the best way if making money in the early stages. That said I hold a few of the big players as I think its 'nice' to have a constant stream of divs coming in and gives the impression that you are 'winning'

    Goes back to the advice of having a diversified portfolio. having money spread across all kinds of players will not only reduce risks but also give you plenty of opportunites to make cash

  • I think the one of the main reasons i invest in MB players at the top is to fund those coming through at the bottom whilst still enjoying the growth rises through FI... so every dividend win contributes towards funds that can be put in to new players whilst those at the top also rise in value... This would be trickier to achieve through just selling on growth especially if I want to hold on to one of my performing assets.

  • I've got 100 each of Neymar, Messi, Hazard, then a load of speculative punts on youngsters (ideally playing first team football, ideally in Europe, and ideally below £2 a share).

    Decent stream of dividends plus potential capital growth in the other lot. Been playing for a month or so, it's worked quite well so far.

  • I look into a large pot of boiling oil and then throw chicken bones into it. This has been proven more accurate in predicting football than reading anything ever written by Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail.

    Long terms hold with MB gains are def the way to support your mid term flips. You will have to take a punt on some unknowns but invariably if you watch a game you'll spot something positive in someone that has yet to be recognised and conversely realise that some players are over-hyped.

    Once you have your player identified have a look at the PB scoring rules and see if this fits the playing style by position and formation as well as personal aptitude.

    Boom! Congrats you just bought the next 17 year old Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo or if you got it wrong, the next Titus Bramble.

    N.b I choose my players by rude names: Rod Fanni, Wayne Wanklin and my fav, Ralf Minge.

  • Big holds on Danny Shittu & Stefan Kuntz too??

    Wasn't it Kaiserslautern who had Koch, Kuntz & Fuchs in the same team mid nineties??? your sort of side that @Ellisandro???

  • @dannypea said in Trading Strategies:

    Big holds on Danny Shittu & Stefan Kuntz too??

    Wasn't it Kaiserslautern who had Koch, Kuntz & Fuchs in the same team mid nineties??? your sort of side that @Ellisandro???

    Minge would have Koch in his pocket all game he’s only a danger when he nips inside...

    I apologies for the carry-on nature of this post. I will immediately resign my commission and head off to Namibia.

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