Sell on queue is bassically useless.

  • It normally takes hours if not days to sell even 50 futures. By then the market price could have dropped off by a long margin.

    You are better off instant selling when the price is rising and be over with it.

    A competly pointless feature that FI needs to look at improving.

  • @Drogo90

    "sell when others are buying, buy when others are selling"

    its as simple as that - the only time I have even had a player in the sell queue for a long time was when I was too greedy in the first place and missed my chance to sell.

    It isnt FI responsibility to find a buyer for your futures, the fact they have instant sell is actually a blessing as it gives us all a way out.

  • @Wilba thats true but you need to sell when a player is still rising. Meaning when you sell him he'll rise further. You are better off waiting till he platous at the top and instant sell. Youll probably lose less this way.

  • I sold 100 shares of someone in the sell queue when the deposit bonus was annouced, it took about 5 minutes.

    Pick and choose you times wisely.

  • @Drogo90

    Take Mitrovic for example - I hold shares, hes playing tonight so over the weekend there has been a nice rise and I am now sitting on a tidy profit.

    as more people jump on for tonight I wouldnt have a problem selling to market if I wanted to. Im not going to though as I fancy him to score meaning a price rise again (greed)

    Im well aware that if he doesnt score tonight his price will drop back to where he was 3 days ago and a lot of my profit will be gone.

    its all about risk vs reward though but in this particular instance I know not selling him now carries risk but an even bigger reward

  • Order books are coming...

  • if / when order books come in..............i envisage them to be just like betfair. Anyone see it operating any differently?

  • I do agree. If they minimum sell price meant that they were either sold for that price or unsold and thrown back into your portfolio, fair enough.

    If that worked, it would be much more worthwhile.

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