What do you want to hear at Irish trader meet

  • So the trader meet is just a couple of days away the usual trader meet 10% deposit bonus announcement is surly not on the cards, so what do people expect to hear and more importantly what would you like to hear.

    I expect:

    Apology for how G & A was introduced and payments made but no confirmation to if it will continue.
    Date for when the BETA site fully replaces the current site
    Potential future date for when order books will arrive
    Discussion on share splits but no answer or date
    Update on Nasdaq technology meeting
    Some sort of incentive to invest new cash in the run up to Christmas

    What I would like

    Priority given to improving technology and back office systems over marketing and gimmicks.
    Confirmation that all future changes would be announced in advance and via email.
    Date for order books and guarantee that current website stays until the new one is fully tested and improved.
    Disclosure of accounts so we can all invest with confidence.
    Would really like 2nd and 3rd place dividends on triple match days - but only if it is affordable for FI as they need to profit for us to profit.
    Finally if they need more short term trading then why not introduce bonus dividends to players bought within the last month that win PB - that way you are encouraged to short term trade but would not impact long term holders.

    What do you want - be realistic though!!

  • Some admin support. To sort out dividend payments and to update biographies etc. Ibrahimovic's bio says he's the only player to break £6 and he is gonna smash media buzz at Utd. Mitrovic' bio says he is at Newcastle but his analysis says he's at Fulham.

    Simple stuff.

    And the dividends and bonus issues are bad. When you fuck with people's money it's a massive issue.

  • @Fletch As you've already mentioned, future changes to be announced weeks/months in advance to allow traders to prepare, same as companies expect from government. Not easy to do, as details have to be carefully managed, but a general date and direction of change.

    If accounts are opened up, a lot of explanation would be needed as to what sums are held for what and why, to avert trader confidence frailties? They may have a figure in mind that they feel comfortable with to release, and they're not there yet?

  • @Fletch unlikely you’ll get a fraction of that. But agreed if they could release something of their accounts it would attract more confidence and money.

  • Thorough, transparent financial update. Plus ideally a share split.

  • @NewUser162554 said in What do you want to hear at Irish trader meet:

    Thorough, transparent financial update. Plus ideally a share split.

    I want to hear someone ruin the proceedings by endlessly quoting Father Ted and when asked about Share Splits they endlessly said "Aw Gwan" in an appalling put on Irish accent

  • I don't think your to far of in your expectations and what you want seem in line with what f.i have previously hinted. I would like positive news on definitly Germany and maybe Spain or italy as this will imo have the greatest impact of any added country. Order books are a must as the current sell system doesn't work at all due to liquidity issues. I really hope they change the way additional futures purchased affect previous holdings. If I buy pogba at £5 and buy more at £10 then I have a average purchase of £7.50 surely they should be shown as what they are seperate transactions! It's very difficult to pyramid when your separate purchases are all added together. I have lost count of how many times I wanted to add to existing holds but didn't just to not affect my average purchase price. I guess when the share split comes in and were working in decimals it will be different.

  • I hope they get absolutely shit faced on Guinness and do a 100% bonus, to be sure to be sure

  • @Fletch Wishlist for Irish FI Santa☘🎅;
    ⚽Share split surely has to be imminent
    ⚽Separation of Goalkeeper and defender PB payoits (too many defensive players with no gain in value as such).
    ⚽When back of house support will expand-leading to when the next countries will be launched
    ⚽Order books so no more week wait on dealing queues
    ⚽Increased Buzz payout in more leagues/ more positions/ more media as the return on the top players now is relatively much lower than earlier this year already.
    ⚽Different country media for Buzz points for more diverse portfolio from users
    ⚽If a player stops playing. The player should drop naturally to original IPO level (real wishing here!)

    No I'm not demanding.....

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