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  • Fairly new to FI so unaware of the effects that announcements during the trader meet can have on the market. Does it tend to have a similar effect on the market as the likes of G&A dividend announcements or deposit bonuses? Of course it depends on the announcements made, but assuming it will only build the confidence of users, could we see rises in a lot of players particularly top 200? What has happened in the past following trader meets?

  • There are usually some perks associated with the meets. I attended Birmingham this year and there was a deposit bonus for all whom attended.....

  • @ID8 i assume we will get big news in Dublin.

  • So what will they announce???
    Won't be a deposit bonus as they have only just done one
    For me that leaves 3 potential solutions

    1. Share Split
    2. GK pb dividend
    3. Some sort of clean sheet div

  • @Comrade double PB and mb dividends haha. That's what they did when players were 1/3 the price they are now. I doubt it really though. I think a deeper talk on goal and assists and a share split and something about the new website and something else about order books.

  • @HappyLarry59855 hope the chat about beta site is a confirmation they are scrapping that worthless piece of crap and sticking with the original site. So much better. As for double pb and mb, that would make sense to double it up before share splitting. If current dividends got split say 4 ways, who really cares about a 1p something mb or a triple pb payout of 3p? You would see huge crashes in the top mb players if it was only for1.25 pence per day mb

  • @Finlay77 why would you it’s all relative? Nothing would have changed

  • @Comrade said in Trader Meet:

    So what will they announce???
    Won't be a deposit bonus as they have only just done one
    For me that leaves 3 potential solutions

    1. Share Split
    2. GK pb dividend
    3. Some sort of clean sheet div

    If you're right on the bottom 2 I'll be partying all the way til Xmas. The Twitterati smirk at people buying Keepers but the risk vs reward is a no-brainer to me. I'm absolutely convinced it'll happen one day and I don't wanna miss that train! Choo choo!

  • @Agatello I like defenders too, so it's a choo choo from me as well if it happens at some point. Can't see it happening without plenty of notice first though.

  • @Ollie I think Defenders are much more likely to get some luvvin as there's the added possibility that they "could" offer higher goal dividends for defenders (maybe 4p per goal) easily enough.

    However most of the goalscoring defenders like Ramos\Alonso already retain a high premium so the reward will be less. It's a shame 2 of the best "cheap" goalscoring defenders around in Mbodji and Marcano can't hold down a first team place, but there's still value out there for sure! Might have to do some defender shopping this afternoon :-)

  • @Agatello Yes, but could you see FI throwing another spanner into the mix now after the current discontent? Because portfolios could be shifting down again for some who have ditched defenders, bought scorers, and then having to reset squads.

  • @Ollie yeah I can see that too.

    No matter what they do, if the people investing big money in the top players think there's any chance of money moving out of their Media Cash Cow's into cheaper players they will, 100%, scream blue murder all over Twitter. It's almost as if some traders are adamant that the platform needs to stay as it is forever and can't evolve if it means they might lose money. I find it very annoying myself.

  • Media days are about half the dividend days in a year, its almost equal with PB so you 100% need media, it would destroy the index without it.

  • I'm not saying there won't be, but I wouldn't necessarily expect ANY big announcements from this Trader Meet. It has been arranged for some time because of FI's launch into that territory, so already has a pretty simple purpose.

    Instead, expect perhaps some clarification and hints over things already discussed at the last London meet and the reaction to and future of GA.

  • I wonder if all the prices are dropping partly due to people pulling money out of players ready to invest in the event of an announcement at the meet? Obviously it’s partly down to people withdrawing following the bonus too...

  • Links not working..?

  • @Advinculas-Index what link do you mean?

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  • anyone over there at the meet whom can fill us in with what's going on ? I know from the Birmingham meet, it was about 20 mins late kicking off ?

  • It is up and running now, it has been for maybe about 10 minutes now. So for anyone still wondering, head over to Facebook.

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