Market in a small crash

  • Everythings dropping atm due to these damned penny stocks on the horizon. So frustrating but sure there will be some good bargains to bd had soon

  • I wish everyone would stop making up rumours of a crash.
    The index is down 20pts. That's not even 0.25%.

    Talk about a crash, and you'll get one. Because all that causes them is loss of confidence and panic.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind a £7 crash on Messi ;)

  • I'm fine with a crash.

    The money I've got invested isn't available for me to spend anyway - its not profit til its in the bank.

    I've got money sitting ready to invest waiting for a crash because FI will bounce back.

    Anyone who withdraws their funds will be serious disappointed in 2 years time IMO.

  • Brutal crash...

  • wish they left it as it was, FI top 200 was fine

  • @NewUser85470 I agree. I don't know why they've messed this up. There's too many players in contention to win PB now. If they'd made it so only the top 200 players could win PB then that would have changed things for the better, but where they still made players outside the top 200 available to buy so that in the future they can come into the top 200.

  • @NewUser59855 thats exactly right. the 200 should be the elite but you should be able to have an interest in those outside it not just the voting.
    i may have read it wrong but a larger pool will make it harder to sell players on the market leaving instant sell which is at a big loss and can also be suspended.
    apologies if i have it wrong ive only been here a month just finding my feet.
    it sure has made football more interesting, i now want players to be better than the team i support

  • I think its a bit much to be honest but I fully expect the top 200 to be the regular winners still.

    Might be proved wrong of course.

  • Money grab, that's why...

    Not sure the guys running thing know what they're doing?

    I've pulled my funds and hold 3 players now.

    But I'm on the sidelines to see what kind of environment remains once the dust settles, could be weeks/months....

    I had figured out how to be profitable via the old market dynamics, but honestly who knows what the new dynamics will bring in terms of trading environments...

    If they F it up someone will do something better so it's on their heads @ FI really, just look at Smarkets and Betfair, Betfair got greedy and now they keep losing customers to Smarkets.

  • Instead of doubling PB's they should have added divis for 2nd and 3rd places, because with dilution people will give up trying to win those, it will be simply too much bother. With 2nd and 3rd in the mix at least with dilution the incentive sort of remains.

    And they should have had a 50 player IPO at the end of each season for 6 years until you have around a 500 player index, so over a 6 year timespan. A 500 player index would be more than enough once you have a lot of investors and rolling it out so slowly would keep the main market dynamics intact over the short and long term.

  • if you do your research there is a chance to make a lot of money with 50 players being added each day at random times. Never managed to get a player for 25p and make a quick profit.

    I cannot wait until 1st November......

  • Putting my balls on the line here but I flicked through the IPO list and from the 250 I could only see about 15/16 players that I would consider "substantially undervalued"

    The lack of clarity of what happens when these players don't attract a single sensible buyer makes it impossible to create a sensible strategy moving forwards!

  • @Agatello don't list who they are, we don't want everyone jumping on them!

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