Are Dujon And Raheem Sterling related?

  • The other one is at Chelsea.

  • Coventry on loan. He started off crap but is getting better with each game.

  • @Ollie

    No, I don't think so.

  • I was looking at his price a few days ago and decided not to invest due to his poor performance at Coventry. Although I’ve missed out on the rise, I feel I did the right thing if that makes sense. I can’t see him making it in the prem.

  • @TeamGB Overall his performance at Coventry hasn’t been poor, it just took him a few games to find his feet. I believe he has started every game for them when fit. He is also highly rated at Chelsea with a portion of the fans there wishing that he hadn’t gone out on loan.

    I believe he will rise above £2 in time.

  • It’s all down to personal opinion. I just feel at presented it’s more of a punt and if you were to compare it to the real stock market, he would be a penny share.

  • Not sure if they're related but more importantly is the Cov City loanee named after the great Windies Wicket Keeper of the eighties Jefferey Dujon??

    I think £1.02 for a League 1 player who can't really be expected to grow much more in value between now and May is a little steep... I would much rather 'take a punt' on someone like Salif Sane or Choupo Moting for a penny more who could easily increase with one good performance tonight??? At least they have PB potential!!

    I really don't understand this culture we have of 'pumping' Chelsea youngsters when the last one to have ever made it was John bloody Terry in 1998!!!!

  • Not a fan of either team, but went to watch Coventry play at Charlton a few weeks ago. I was interested to see Dujon Sterling play - and was distinctly unimpressed. I saw nothing that stood out from any other player on the pitch. He’s 19yo , so to buy on FI I’d want him to be performing well in the Championship, rather than middling in League 1.

  • @dannypea I think Chelsea have a promising crop of youngsters, probably the best since Abramovich took over. I do get what you’re sayting though - if you’re young, English and on loan from Chelsea then your price is inflated.

    I think it’s a trend with young English players in general, from any club. There are players at close to 3 quid who barely get on the bench. It’s crazy but that’s the market at the moment.

  • As a Coventry fan who attends most games I would say he started very badly. About a month ago he was subbed at half time against Bristol rivers away. Awful performance. Looked well out of his depth. Last month he has got a lot better. I imagine at least 2 years out on loan before he even gets a chance at Chelsea. Has talent but needs a lot of work IMO to be ready for Premier Leaugue football.

  • @Etch86 my point is why should it be the market??? its all based on emotion and hype rather than statistics and analysis...

    that same 'promising crop of youngsters' have won 7 of the last 9 FA Youth Cups and appeared in 3 of the last 4 UEFA Youth Champions League finals but the only player they have near their squad is Rubens Loftus Cheek who up until a hat-trick against some team from Belarus who are incidentally named after an Automobile and Tractor Electronics Company he was pretty much surplus to requirements!!!

    No doubt one day one of the clubs 40 plus loanees might actually play more than 10 games in a season for Chelsea but until then I'm certainly not buying into their b*sht!!

    Apologies to Chelsea fans on my thoughts... I just don't see the point of you having the best Youth team in European football when it only gets used to pimp young boys to other less attractive clubs in order to pay the wages of your foreign superstars!!!

  • Ethan ampadu is my selection out of the chelsea youth crop..

  • @dannypea I mostly agree with you. I was saying to my mate earlier that most of these young players who are flying up in price won’t be anywhere in a couple of years. But if I’m able to make money from these players due to the current hysteria then I’m gonna try to do it.

    I think Southgate’s willingess to pick young, pretty much unproven players is part of the reason for the hike on price.

  • I think people also think that English football is have a purple patch. The youth teams are all doing well and the first team reached World Cup semi final. Southgate is proving that he will give kids a chance and a few young English players are starting to get playing time at big clubs.

    I think people are investing in people like this because everyone is hoping they are getting the next Sancho/Foden/Nelson or even the next Mount/Lookman/Calvert-Lewin for less than a quid.

    I can't remember the last time that England had so many highly rated teenagers. Maybe it's just media hype but whatever it is it's catching.

    Also it is a UK website and even though money is involved some people will occasionally invest with heart rather than head.

  • @NewUser197355 it's always been like it!!! We've always believed the hype here in the UK... As said above.. great chance to make some big money though on some average unproven players so why not join in and jump on the bandwagon??

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