Death or injury

  • If a player does or retired through injury what pay out if any would the shareholder get?.I'm more asking about retirement through injury or maybe if a player like Yaya is out of contract and then quits (Yaya went Olymp) but if he retired would we get zero money

  • @FCLooney your fixed bet will have essentially lost.

  • Davide Astori sadly died last season and his IS price fell to 1p per future.

    If Neymar passed away, 100 futures bought in him at a total of £1,567 would be worth 98p (once 2% commission has been taken off a 1p IS price). Maybe FI could choose to keep the IS price higher to avoid mass panic in the market and damage to their brand, but ultimately they would be under no legal obligation to do so.

    It serves to highlight that this is gambling and never invest what you can't afford to lose.

  • Total loss sounds scary. However if you diversify you would lose a tiny percentage of your portfolio.

  • @Misto I agreed. Too many eggs in two few baskets can mean a splattered face. A tactic I use heavily.

  • With the davide astori incident there was a window of time where people myself included got out at a sensible instant sell price i think it took a couple of days to go to 1p and i think this was done to discourage purchases might be wrong though

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