Post and Pre 1pm announcement thoughts.....

  • Hi All thought i'd just set up a topic where we can discuss what everyone thinks might happen and what everyone thinks pre 1pm announcement.

  • I don't see anything too different to what they've already proposed. They've mentioned that they're adding a few upgrades to the platform at the same time so am excited to see what these entail!

  • They must be throwing in some curve balls so people will chuck their money back in and to help prices to increase as that is surely in their best interest.

  • I think they'll set player values low to create a free for all and count the commission as people buy and sell almost immediately for a quick return.

    I expect top players to remain static-ish with mid-range players £1.50-£3/4 dropping as people sell to reinvest.

    That's my guess at least.

  • anyone actually get anything from that 'announcement' ??

  • yeah the IPO prices are not great, some bargains but not many, should see the current players prices rise

  • thought so my portfolio went down now on the rise again

  • James Milner £2.30??? Thauvin £2.70???

    I know they're probably using Opta but Milner worth more than Kroos, Isco and Asensio? he can't even get in the bloody Liverpool tea on a regular basis!

    Some of those prices are ridiculously overpriced. I want to know what happens when there's ZERO interest!!!

  • @Agatello looks like milner is gonna be £2.30 until he retires. Or signs for Barcelona

  • @FI1
    Its going to be a mess really with a stack of payers blocking up the index artificially over-valued that nobody owns.

  • @mike778 agreed. They will have to implement a way to drop the prices over time until someone buys.

  • @FI1
    I understand and agree with not under-pricing players but they need players to reach their natural trading value based on demand/supply.

    Its difficult though. If you have a rule of "price drops by 1p for every day that there are less than x number of futures owned" then its going to be make people very reluctant to buy a player at the base player ever. You could say if nobody owns a future then the price drops by 1p a day but if a casual buys one then it locks them down.

    I'd have gone down the line of listing them at a slight discount to the expected price (maybe £1 for an expected £1.30 player).

    Recent promotions have settled at between £1 and £1.50 so it really doesn't make any logical sense for anyone to be listed above £1.50. Millner is just unfortunate - its probably based on last year opta stats in which case as a goalscoring defender, he would be top of the tree in terms of potential PB winners. Not gone through the list fully yet but assume that if there is any value then it will have to come from players who did nothing last year but have emerged this season.

  • @mike778 I think they should have gone with a system where they list all players and traders vote on who they want adding to the market then they can set a price based on demand. That way they could almost guarantee ipo would be purchased instead of sitting at silly high prices.

  • With all that being said I'm sure they will come up with something to balance it all out. They have made a lot of drastic changes but FI always seem to get it right in then end so we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Pure stupidity the way it's been done.

    Floating Josh King at £1.50 when he's already been relegated at 40% of that price is baffling! A complete waste of time.

  • I find the pricing odd.

    Josh King is a great example, he'll immediately go into the middle of the top 200 despite being nowhere near there when in the first team previously.

    He's simply not worth two Vardys for instance.

    I think it proves the top players in each position will remain the top players I.e. They're the top 200 for a reason

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