Callum Wilson

  • Thoughts on his end of season price? How long are you planning on holding for?

  • Surely an England call will come soon? Kane and Rashford are ahead of him but with Vardy retired, Sturridge always injured/being on the bench, Welbeck being a bit part player, Abraham in the Championship, Solanke not playing, there is no reason Wilson can't be England's 3rd choice as a 'proper' striker.

  • He is 27 in February

    I would say sterling,Kane.rashford,sancho then you have various under 21 players coming through I dont see how he fits anywhere.

  • @Tom77 That's the lovely thing about Southgate, he likes to choose in form players. If Wilson keeps scoring and assisting, why would he not want him playing for England? He has played 11 premier league games this season and has been involved in 10 goals, either getting the goal or the assist. Vardy was given his first England cap at 28 and 4 months by Southgate, over a year an a half older than Wilson. I think he fits in.

  • @LarryDuffman Gareth lovely southgate

  • Looks like the bubble is starting to burst.

    Do people think he'll drop down to his original price?

  • at £2.84 if he gets named in the Eng squad he could hit £3 if he doesn't he could drop to £2.50 but with a player like Wilson judging his FI value is quite simple as it really will be down to the goals he scores short term... 2/3 goals in the next month or so and the price will increase... should he hit a baron spell the price will fall... I wonder if he does keep scoring though he may have one 'big' move in him... Everton? West Ham? Leicester? that type of club? Any speculation would again add to a price rise?

  • Named in England squad.

  • @NewUser197355 100% deserved in my opinion.

    I really like how Southgate is meriting players who are performing at club level and it can only be good for the future of English football

  • @Dan-w Gareth Lovely Southgate strikes again and does me a little favour :)

  • I don't have him personally but would recommend cashing out following any price rise from this call-up as I can't see him maintaining any further increased value.

    Difficult to ignore him whilst he is having a purple patch but can't see him being a regular in the England first team ahead of Kane/Rashford/Sterling and I don't believe he has much potential to improve.

  • @NewUser196892

    I think you are spot on here and a lot of his current price has the goals and assist element weighted in.

    When you look at the numbers hes unlikely to win PB, might get some MB if he gets a decent move but that wont be until the summer which is a lifetime in FI terms, and all that hinges on him staying in the top 200.

  • I’m going to hold for the time being especially since transfer window will generate some new rumours. Plus form wise he is playing very well. Less tha. £3 for an in form prem striker is cheap.

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