• Hi all,
    In TOP 200 we've 33 defenders .There is many with no growth in value (in SQUAD PLAYERS many many more...) - only 1x5£+ and 1x4£+, few 3£+ and 20x2£+...
    Do you think is value in any of them compere to mid/fw ??
    Is worth to invest in them when the return is lower then from mid/fw (G&A promo)?

    Do you think after G&A promo (end of November) or after Trader meeting we'll see NEW promo for def/goalie ??

  • They win same amount in dividends as mids and fwds. I think defenders are hugely underated. This is via pb mind you, not just goals

  • They win considerably less MB (and obviously very little G&A which might be extended beyond 30th Nov).

    To decide if DEF are underpriced, you’d need to compare them to MID and FWD PB players who have no real chance of winning MB. In that case, i’m not sure they are underpriced really.

    A clean sheet promo would change all of that though.

  • @Finlay77 Do they win top dividends at all though?

  • @Ollie only if they score im afraid

  • Just on G&A (i don't want to open up another thread on it)... But I started investing in this (by accident) on Oct 17th... the players I brought between now and then do I have until Nov 17th... or if i brought someone on Oct 28th for example would I get until Nov 28th before the payments are stopped??

    Presume its only a 30 day hold on each player brought since Oct 17th which is quite confusing when keeping track of several purchased at different times???

  • @Ollie yeah that is true, I think when a Bartra wins you a few dividends you have more shares so more back, but you need a pretty high starting point of putting in a few hundred each to be making nice dividends on Ronaldo Neymar etc. a lot of newer people may not have that sort of money, I cant afford to plough in thousands at a time so have to look elsewhere until I win the lottery lol

  • @dannypea Players you bought on Oct 17th get G+A divs for 30 days from that date, players you bought on Oct 28th get G+A divs for 30 days from Oct 28th (so until Nov 27th I suppose). And yes it is difficult to keep track of!

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