Harry Kane

  • A couple of points....

    Firstly... IF he was called Harro Kanio and played for Atletico Tottenhamio would he not be flying from scoring a match winning brace and picking up MB & PB wins on the same night??? If this was any other player would he not have moved more than a whopping 0.02 overnight?????

    Perhaps people have got in too early on Kane... Perhaps people are put off by his current price??? If this was Neymar's night would we not see larger increases due to him having nice hair along with a fashionable upbringing of favelas & copacabana???

    Secondly.... How the hell can he get credited that 2nd goal????? I watched Burton v Forest last week and some unknown for the Brewers blasted a shot from 20 yards out which hit the Forest full back's arm and curved in... He got told after the game as he picked up his first ever MOM award by SKY that he can't have the goal... Devastated HOW he can be punished for his efforts he continued to tell SKY "it was my goal" despite the dubious goals panel already taking it off him and giving it to a player who would rather not have his name associated with it!!! I bloody hate it!!!

    But IF we are going to do it like that.... WHY THE HELL & MIGHTY did Harry Kane's tame header that deflected not once but TWICE be credited to Harry Kane when the furthest the ball was going when he headed the ball before it ricochet like a pin ball off a number of defenders was harmlessly nowehere!!!!

    Is it because Harry Kane is Harry Kane??? And is this fair to some lad at Burton Albion who has every right in the world to claim a similar goal but has had it chalked off by men in suits because they feel he's not famous enough???

  • Classy finish 😁 nothing wrong with that. [I own Kane].

  • @Valhalla said in Harry Kane:

    Classy finish 😁 nothing wrong with that. [I own Kane].

    Wonder goal...bullet head (I own Kane)

  • Jammy twat! It'll never last! The chaps overrated if you ask me! (I don't own him)

  • He still would have won PB as Top Forward even without his second goal, just not Star Player.

    He had something like 175 PB points, before his bullet header flew straight into the net without touching anyone else (I also own Kane).

  • @Valhalla so do i and was nervously texting goals panel experts and checking updates on different score feeds until the final whistle... They ALL have it as Kane's goal which is really surprising considering the amount of goals that get taken of players 'just because' these days!!!

    But my biggest point was that despite him scoring two champions league goals, despite him winning MB and despite him topping PB... His price barely moved (which is very annoying for us owners)...

    I could understand it if its on someone cashing out but his price barely moved all night... He hit a high of 8.74 and a low of 8.67 in 24 hours??? My question really is that i presume 'everyone' that owns Kane does so for long term puropses and he's not attracting any new buyers put off by his price? But why when he's comparatively cheaper to those at the top despite scoring as many if not more goals on average than the rest???

  • @dannypea

    Maybe his price is being held back by Tottenham's ropey performances and inconsistent form?

    Unlike other forwards who like to dribble with the ball, do flash step overs and get fancy haircuts, Kane's PB and MB scores tend to be reliant on lots of goals.

    When Tottenham start firing again and Kane is scoring more regularly and heavily, I can see him rising up to Β£11-Β£12. I hope so anyway. If not, I'll keep farming his reasonable dividend returns.

  • At least this time he didn't swear on his daughters life that it was definitely his goal, a la last season when he effectively campaigned to take a goal off his team-mate because the oxygen molecules from the wind surrounding the ball brushed past the microfibres on his own shirt.

    (I don't and never will own Kane)

  • I dumped Kane last month, but what a great outcome even with the very little rise in price, G&A 4p Top Forward 8p Star player 4p MB 5p boom to you's who have, I previously had 1000 Kanes and would have been over the moon last night, congrats traders.

  • @Ellisandro said in Harry Kane:

    @Valhalla said in Harry Kane:

    Classy finish 😁 nothing wrong with that. [I own Kane].

    Wonder goal...bullet head (I own Kane)

    Exactly. Even if it comes off their arse- if I own that player- it’s a wonder goal πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

  • But I must admit, owning Kane has been pretty unspectacular up until now. About time he got some dividends. He’s been hovering just under the Β£9 mark for months now.

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