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  • Not sure if i'll go through with this but I'm considering de-cluttering my portfolio by getting rid of some of those holds at the bottom making me 10's and 20p's in favour of slightly riskier holds for the best players in each of the top three teams in the five PB leagues... This will allow me to in theory monitor who's in form and keep a strategy based on media buzz wins and capital growth through ability on the pitch and transfer gossip that might go with it..

    I listed a few players that I thought were the teams most valuable assets and the ones that I should keep below... Please feel free to add any other PB team's best player that you think deserves to be mentioned... so far i've only highlighted the top three because I want to keep the strategy quite simple for me but do realise there are players like Paul Pogba or Wilfried Zaha outside the top three teams in their leagues that could be considered!!

    Man City: Raheem Sterling
    Chelsea: Eden Hazard
    Liverpool: Mo Salah

    Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo/Pablo Dybala
    Inter: Mauro Icardi
    Napoli: Lorenzo Insigne

    Barcelona: Lionel Messi
    Espanyol: Borja Iglesias
    Sevilla: Andre Silva/Pablo Sarabia

    Dortmund: Jadon Sancho/Paco Alcacar
    Monchengladbach: Thorgan Hazard
    Bayern: Joshua Kimmich

    PSG: Neymar/Mbappe
    Montpellier: Gaetan Laborde
    Lille: Nicolas Pepe

    Basically... by picking one top player (or two at most) from a top team in form increases the opportunity of having the best asset per team to win PB... and having the biggest name in that team increases opportunity for PB win... Some controversy I know re City... Is Sterling their best player?? Probably not? But does he offer best PB/MB opportunity probably (because he's English) yes?? Re Juventus Ronaldo is top dog... but asset wise for futures does Dybala perhaps offer better long term growth??

    Any other players you would have instead??? Any other players outside the top three teams in these PB leagues that you think are even bigger assets to their club and for both PB/MB opportunity??

  • At the end of the day players dip in and out of form, I dont think you can just pick the best asset as you are limiting yourself hugely.

    It’s pretty well know by now that patience pays off.

    Ive been holing martial for a year! Now he’s getting in the team again and his price is going up, only 22 can only see him going higher, his ceiling could be £10 easily.
    BUT if I went with your strategy I would go Pogba and then I would have lost out on Martial gains and Rashford wont be far off.

    Coutinhio could be due a big rise maybe in 6 months or a year though imo.

    Maybe go with 3 from each media friendly team?

  • In Germany you can't really go wrong with a number of Leverkusen players but havertz probably stands out hes been earning them points this season himself and there situation would be alot worse without him impressive for his age.

    In France angers Jeff reine adelaide has the Most successful dribbles by U21 players in Europe's top five leagues this season with 32. 2nd place has 23 and mbappe has 21.

    Ousmane Dembele is in a interesting situation at Barcelona and has fallen alot from his previous highs so could be potential there.

    Italy berella/sms.

  • I like Havertz at Leverkusen but do worry 'IF' he gets targeted by 'media unfriendly' Bayern that might have a negative impact on his growth potential with FI...

    Suppose my point in considering this Tom is the fact that those 'other' less fashionable players at these bigger clubs like Martial don't get talked about because of Pogba's presence... If for example Pogba left United then that opens up a gap in the market for media attention to be towards the likes of Martial, Rashford & Lukaku which could then contribute to driving prices up??

    I think the point you raise well, buying from media friendly teams is probably better than just buying the top players from the top teams because the likes of Arsenal & United outside of the top threes are much more valuable to the index then say Montpellier or Monchengladbach?

    But i do feel good players like Coutinho, Dembele, even Suarez do get lost in clubs where there is a main star and don't perhaps get the FI recognition they perhaps should do if they weren't competing with someone like Messi??

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